I want to ride my bicycle…

I am finally able to start cycling a little- so last Friday I decided to take my bike for a spin to my local library book sale – about a mile away.  I figured that was a reasonable distance to try for my first bike ride back since hurting my heel – Its only about a mile and very flat.  So I headed over, locked up my bike and headed in to look at all the books.  I found 3  for $1 each that I had on my list of book I want to read which I will ultimately add to the huge pile of books that I hope to eventually read in my lifetime.  ANYWAY as I headed back over to my bike I pulled out my keys and tried to unlock the bike lock – didn’t work.  I stood next to my bike thinking, ‘OH SHIT.’

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Biking to Work – it’s WORTH IT!

I LOVE riding my bike so I’ll take any excuse I can to sneak in a ride!  If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I started biking to the grocery store.  I have been biking to work for a few years now – not every day, sometimes I wake up too late or the weather is bad, or I’m feeling lazy 🙂 but the days where it works out just seems to start my day off right!

you don't get to enjoy views like this when you drive!
you don’t get to enjoy views like this when you drive!

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