Stony Valley Rail Trail

It has been a long time since I have hiked or cycled the Stony Valley Rail Trail.  My friend, Laura, was the one who first showed me this trail and we explored various sections – especially the abandoned town of Rausch Gap.  The Appalachian Trail also goes through this area so there are miles of hiking and cycling that can be done.  I have been looking for new places to take my nephew bike camping so Kevin and I grabbed our bikes one sunny day and headed out to see if there were any campsites near the trail that we could get to with our bikes.

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Another use for JoJo’s DoggyRide!

So last year I bought a DoggyRide for JoJo – for those of you unfamiliar with what that is, it is one of those carts that attaches to your bike that you put a kid in, only this is for dogs.  There are multiple openings that she can stick her head out, or I can zip the whole thing up and she just lays down and enjoys the ride.  There is a strap with a clasp inside that I attach to her harness which is supposed to prevent her from jumping out, although she did jump out the 1st time I took her on a ride.  Sure, she looks cute in it, but what ELSE can I use it for?

JoJo is ready to go!

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