Fairy Tale Challenge – Princess 1/2 Marathon

It was HOT for the 10K – it was even HOTTER for the half marathon. RudDisney still had a heat warning and was telling everyone to take it slow and stay hydrated. My character was going to be Rapunzel for this run so I put on my purple sparkle skirt, the Rapunzel themed shirt I got off Etsy, and pinned a little Pascal (that I also got off Etsy) to my shoulder. Kevin once again dropped me off at Epcot and I made my way to the start. This day was gonna be tough…

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runDisney 5K (Florida: Part 5)

It was almost a year ago that I spent my lunch break at work huddled over my computer trying to get a spot in the Dopey Challenge at Disney World.  These races usually sell out very fast – and 2018 was no exception because it was the anniversary of the 25th Marathon and the 5th Dopey Challenge – this meant the medals would be extra cool.

Kevin dropped me off in the parking lot at Epcot around 4 AM and I followed the sea of people in the 32* weather towards the start.  As I walked it hit me that this challenge was finally here and I was going to attempt to run 48.6 miles in 4 consecutive days with very little training due to my heel injury.  I felt very confident I could complete the 5K and 10K – and pretty sure I could do the half marathon – but could I add a full marathon on top of that?!

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Thanksgiving Turkey Run

Early Thanksgiving morning I remembered that there is usually a 5k turkey run.  I went online to see if I could register the day of the event and I could.  I decided since it is usually packed that I would cycle to it because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a parking spot (plus it was pretty close and would give me an excuse to ride my bike!)  I stuffed a canned good in my top tube bag to donate (just barely fit!) and headed down to the start of the race.

The only picture I managed to take before my phone froze and shut off!

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Marathon Training: UPDATE

Unfortunately my heel pain has become a constant problem – I am pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis so I have been doing various stretches, rolling it with a ball thingy, and got a splint to wear at night.  I know rest is the most important thing right now, but what does that mean for all the races I signed up for this spring?  It was suggested that I rest it for at LEAST 10 weeks – I don’t want it to become a chronic condition or get any worse.  I will most likely go to a doctor to see how long I need to rest my foot for, but I am super disappointed about this.  :/

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Strange Things…

On Saturday I completed the 5th week of marathon training with my sister.  We met in the park and there was a running group that was planning on doing 3 miles so we ran with them for a bit until they turned to go back and we continued on so we could complete 7 miles.  The day was foggy and a bit drizzly, but it was warmer than it had been so I thought it was a great day for a run.  The white of the dense fog made the yellow-green of the grass really pop!  We did the whole trail and back making our run a little over 7 miles – the whole time doing the walk/run/walk/run using the timer on my phone.  I am getting a little faster every time and am almost back to the time I was last year (which is still not really fast).  I’m lucky my sister sticks with me- she’s just happy to run (although I know she can go wayyyy faster than me).

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