Ocean to Bay bike ride

Every time I think of Delaware I think of this scene from Wayne’s World:

Yup – so for the 2nd year I headed down to Delaware to take part in the Bethany Beach Ocean to Bay bike ride.  I was a little nervous as the weather channel was calling for up to 40mph winds – not something I really felt like riding 30 miles in, but after watching the documentary The Man Who Cycled The World I figured if Mark Beaumont could ride his bike through the desert in a crazy sandstorm I could probably tough it out for a few hours – plus  I already paid for the place we were staying.  🙂

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Hershey 10k 2016- COMPLETE!

HERSHEY PARK HAPPPY……so today was the Hershey 10k – except instead of smelling like chocolate – it smelled more like worms as it was raining like crazy when we got there and drizzled for the entire run.  It wasn’t bad though – it actually felt nice as I warmed up from running and kept the pollen down so I didn’t have to worry about allergies!

This race ALMOST didn’t happen for me as on Tuesday I realized I couldn’t find my confirmation email.  I went on the website and sure enough I couldn’t find my registration info – I was freaking out.  Usually this race sells out fairly early so I was really worried I wasn’t going to get a spot.  I have no idea what happened – either when I registered it didn’t go through correctly or I thought I registered and actually didn’t.  This was at 10:00am and registration closed noon that day – how crazy that I just happened to be looking and realized this!!  So I registered right away and managed to secure my spot and get a confirmation email.  WHEW (Also for my 15k coming up at the end of this month I couldn’t find that confirmation email either – I managed to contact someone involved with the event who confirmed I was registered and good to go – yikes!  I really need to make an email folder with all these emails – which is what I was trying to do when I realized I didn’t have these 2)

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