Keratitis in Dogs

Recently JoJo was diagnosed with Keratitis which causes lumpy growths on her eyeballs.  About a month ago I noticed these small growths – which at 1st I thought were just little “eye boogies” but they wouldn’t move when she blinked so that’s when I realized there were actually growing on her eyeball between the white part and the iris.  I took her to see her vet – she suspected keratitis and told me it is a common thing for German Shepherds to get.  She was put on eye drops – 2 drops for each eye 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

this was the 1st time she had the growths

The growths eventually became smaller and then pretty much cleared up, but recently reappeared in the same spot, bigger this time and more of them – it’s amazing how fast they are growing.  So last night we were back in to the vet who suggested more aggressive treatment.  She will be on the drops for 1 month now – still 2 drops each eye 3 times a day and will also be on a Doxycycline pill (3/4 tablet – those suckers are hard to cut up by the way!!) for a month.  She kept spitting the pill out this morning so I covered it in a chunk of peanut butter to get her to eat it.  After I fed it to her, I licked the extra peanut butter off my fingers and WOW – all I could taste was the bitterness of the pill (I guess the powder from cutting it up)- NO WONDER she didn’t want to eat it!!

We are hoping it will not be a chronic issue, but it could be and there is a possibility it could lead to blindness.  The vet seems hopeful though and if we stay on top of it, hopefully that will not be the outcome.

I also noticed a very small growth right in the middle of her left eye when we were at the vet – right over the pupil.  I said to the vet that maybe this was distorting her vision and that I had noticed she seems to get startled easier, which then causes her to bark at people.  The vet agreed with this.  I then asked very seriously that if there is a possibility she would go blind if she would write me a note to give to Kevin that states she will require a seeing eye dog.  I explained that is the only way that Kevin will let me get another dog at the moment.  She thought this was hysterical and promised she would work on that!  🙂  haha!

Seriously though I am very worried about her – I am hoping for the best and we will deal with whatever happens, but geez!  Between a diabetic cat having regular glucose checks and all the weird stuff that happens to JoJo I am in the vet all the time!  You would think they would have some kind of frequent customer reward program – how awesome would that be!?

Everyone at the vet remarked how calm and gentle she was – she was even worried about a kitten who kept crying – I wish I could have videoed that cuteness!  So keep your fingers crossed that this treatment works – at least she doesn’t mind the eye drops at all!  I really do have a sweet dog!  🙂

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