I’m sure you have heard about the #optoutside movement that REI started this year – instead of spending your day inside, fighting crowds during Black Friday, REI urged people to spend their day outside enjoying nature instead.  Here in PA I couldn’t have asked for a better day – it was actually in the 60’s with zero chance of rain – who WOULDN’T want to be outside on a day like that??  PERFECT hiking weather!!

I asked my sister if I could take my nephew on a hike and my Mom decided to join me as well!  We decided to check out some trails that we haven’t done in a long time – the first was on Pumping Station Rd.  We parked and walked about a mile round trip along the road, but could never find where the trail went into the woods – it was strange!  We did see a crazy looking boulder that looked like a giant whale which was hard to get a picture of because of the brush in front of it.  It seemed like everything had private property signs posted so we went back to the car to try to find some other nearby trails.

Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

We drove a short way down the road and found a parking area for Speedwell Forge and decided to check out those trails.  The trails were very nice and rock free – just a few roots hidden under the leaves which made my nephew rename the trail to the Stubby Toe Trippy Trail – haha!  🙂



actually called the Oak Loop Trail

A few short and steep ups and downs, just enough to get your heart pumping a bit.  While the trail wasn’t extremely scenic, we did cross over a small stream a few times and the smell of autumn in the woods was refreshing!



All Smiles!!  🙂

 Overall it was a great day to get a few miles of hiking in!  Did you chose to opt outside, go Black Friday shopping—-or both?  🙂



15 thoughts on “#optoutside

  1. Great post!!!! I love the new trail name, stubby toe trippy trail, I’ve actually been on that same trail here in Canada!!! So happy you chose to follow REI’s advice and chose to #OptOutside ! Happy trails to you as well! 🙂

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