MS 150 – City to Shore (part 2)

In 2009 I attempted to ride 75 miles of the MS 150, but just wasn’t prepared enough to finish.  In 2010 I was back with a vengeance!  Kevin decided to do the ride with me – we both signed up for the 75 mile route.  We got padded bike shorts (what a difference!!), trained, and Kevin even got a new bike!

We pulled into the parking area EARLY and were within the first few waves to leave.  Since there are so many people doing this ride, they let groups of riders go, spaced out by a few minutes.  It was amazing how FAST some people can ride – Kevin and I both commented on that – I mean it seemed like there were people who were in worse shape than us just FLYING by us – we didn’t get it!  Did they have better bikes?  We were both on hybrids.  It just felt like the WHOLE time, we were pedaling like crazy and people would pass us who were definitely not pedaling as much as us but going so much farther faster.  I understand the people with road bikes with the clip in shoes, but other than that it was strange!

early AM start!

The day was HOT!  I even heard someone comment that it was one of the hottest years for the ride.  There were people passing out and being taken to the hospital.  At one rest stop they were handing out energy drinks which we opted not to take – we found out later that the volunteers didn’t realize they were supposed to dilute the drink with water.  There were some people who drank it and their hearts started racing – they also ended up in the hospital.

As we were going along I somehow managed to get the worst atomic wedgie in the history of the world.  I couldn’t stand it anymore and we had a long way to go til the next rest stop so I got off my bike and ducked behind some bushes in someone’s yard to fix it.  Bikers started yelling at me that I shouldn’t pee in someone’s yard – to just hold it til I got to the next rest stop.  I was sooo embarrassed, but of course they didn’t stop so I could explain – I could only yell “I’m not peeing I swear!!” but I’m sure they didn’t believe me.  I couldn’t really fix it so I had to ride to the rest stop anyway – it was so uncomfortable!

We passed a lot of people that were having bike trouble.  They have support vehicles driving the route to help anyone who may get into trouble.  Around about 20 miles from the finish, Kevin’s bike started acting up.  We saw a support vehicle and pulled over for them to work on his bike.  We heard a pop and the guy working on Kevin’s bike say “oh crap.”  We gave each other worried looks.  The guy then says to Kevin that he broke some part off of his bike, but didn’t have a replacement part to fix it.  “Just don’t go over any huge bumps and you should be fine.”  I thought Kevin’s head was gonna explode.  For the rest of the ride Kevin’s brand new bike made an incredibly annoying squeaking noise.  I felt horrible.

We were falling farther and farther to the back of the pack of riders.  The day was just LONG, but the scenery was BEAUTIFUL.  We went through the city, forested areas, boggy areas, and then the BEACH!!  It was energizing to see the water, but we had 2 VERY significant bridge inclines to go over – why at the very end of the ride?? LOL.  I made it up the first, but had to walk the second.  I stopped to take a picture on top of the 1st bridge and some lady started yelling at us that we had to keep moving.  It was really weird – and we were in FRONT of her and then passed her again so I’m not really sure what the comments were about.

on top of the 1st bridge looking out on the bay and the 2nd bridge on the far left

We FINALLY made it to the end – we were one of the first groups to start and among the absolute last to finish, but WE MADE IT!  When we got to the finish there was really nothing there anymore except the stand to get our medals.  We had to rush to catch the bus that would take us back up to our car in Cherry Hill.

FINISHED — FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we got back to our car is was dark – everyone on the bus started grabbing their bikes.  We noticed a few people couldn’t find theirs.  They were then told that somehow their bikes didn’t make it on the shuttle and they would be with the next batch of bikes that would arrive in an HOUR!  I felt so bad for those people because it was such a long day and everyone was tired!

Overall it was another great ride – we met so many amazingly nice people – it was just a LONG day – I think we biked for 10 hours – I am not kidding, but hey, we’re not professionals and it is a great cause – and we can laugh about it now!  🙂

So in 2016 I plan to do the ride again.  Hopefully now that I have my new bike I will be able to complete it faster!  I will be documenting as I go on Facebook and Instagram so feel free to follow me there!  If you care to donate to a great cause feel free to click the link below (I have to raise $300 to be able to ride!)  THANK YOU!  🙂

Funny side story:

We ended up driving to Atlantic City to spend the night as it was Kevin’s friend’s birthday – there was no way I was going out, I couldn’t believe Kevin had the energy to!!  We stayed in a REALLY nice hotel – I honestly forget which one – and they sort of looked at us funny because we were all sweaty and gross.  After we checked in Kevin showered and left and I took the longest shower ever, crawled into bed and fell asleep right away.  (Also you know you’re pale when you get sunburnt THROUGH your clothing!  Yup my legs were totally burnt somehow even under my capris.)

I woke up when Kevin came back into the room, but I was sooo out of it I didn’t know what was going on.  It was the weirdest feeling!  I remember waking up and seeing someone standing at the foot of the bed, but I had no idea who he was.  Then I realized I didn’t know where I was – or who I was!!  Kevin kept saying “hunnie, it’s me.  It’s Kevin.”  I remember pulling the covers up to just under my eyes – like that was gonna save me if this strange person was going to attack me.  It took me a while to snap out of it – that was how tired I was.  We joke about it now to this day, but man was that a scary feeling!! 🙂

So hopefully THAT won’t happen again – I think it was just a mixture of dehydration and heat exhaustion. LOL!

16 thoughts on “MS 150 – City to Shore (part 2)

  1. Wonderful story. Isn’t is annoying how many bike police there are on these group rides? If you ever graduate to a road or touring bike, you will realize how much easier it is to ride long distances. It’s all in the geometry and fit of the bike.

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    • Thanks for reading! I definitely want to try a road bike sometime- it’s amazing how going from my old diamondback to my Cannondale how much faster I can go- still a hybrid but a much better bike- I’m excited to see what my time will be in 2016! 🙂


  2. Good luck with your race! Your story about the wedgie makes me laugh! Reminds me of some of the chafing “issues” I’ve had while running half marathons. Ouch!! Now I understand why runners walk around with tubs of Vaseline!! Is your hubby doing this one with you?

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  3. OK…sort of a personal sounding question… Did you wear underwear under you bike shorts? That’s an absolute no-no. You mentioned the wedgie and that’s the only thing I could think of that could cause that, unless is was your capris bunching up. The chamois should have prevented you feeling that though. Your ride sounds like one of my MS 150 rides too. I was in misery from all the hills and trying to keep up with a friend for 40 miles. I bonked. I was fine the 2nd day when I rode my own ride instead of his. Good read!

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      • yep! Big no-n0 there. The chamois is designed to take all the chafing and it has to be against the skin for it to do its job. Most cyclists have that same question at first try with bike shorts. Me too! That was just too weird to contemplate at first!! Now, 25,000 miles later, I don’t even carry underwear with me on my long travels. Oh crap! Don’t tell anyone else! 😉

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      • I live in Iowa, but my first was in 1995 or 6 in S. Dakota. It was extremely well organized. I did a few in Iowa and was even in the top 5 of fund raisers, but the Iowa ones have been very poorly done with bad communication before and during the rides. They stopped doing them here for a couple of years because of the lack of enough participants. I did a Nebraska one a few years ago just north of Omaha and it was fantastic! I tried the Iowa one again last year with the same results as previous years. I believe in the cause, but that doesn’t mean I should be part of rides that are so inefficient. It makes me question how the money is being used in our state and how much it’s benefiting the people that need it. There are so many fund raising rides for so many causes today that it’s hard to raise money for any of them. Keep riding Danae! It just keeps getting better!

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      • Wow- that’s disappointing to hear! The Jersey one is really well organized except for not diluting the energy drink, but I truly think that was just an honest mistake! I wonder how much goes to the ppl who need it as well- and I think the amount needed to raise is a bit steep as well. Isnt S Dakota beautiful? I was there earlier this year to hike to Harney Peak – I am trying to hike all the state high points – it was such a beautiful area in the Black Hills- a lot of insect damage to trees, but we sure don’t have views like that in PA! Off to train on some PA hills right now! Happy riding!!


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