Thoughts While On A Treadmill

I couldn’t be happier – all around me were German Shepherds – all sizes, colors, ages, and levels of fluffiness.  I was walking around making sure every one got a scratch or a pat on the head when I hear a voice: “Hunnie – HUNNIE!!  Wake up – didn’t you want to go to the gym this morning??”  After informing Kevin he woke me up from the best dream ever, I got up and did my morning routine which consists of giving Willow her insulin shot and JoJo her eye drops (for her keratitis which I will give an update on in a later post).  Even though I COMPLETELY wanted to go back to bed, I sucked it up and went to the gym with Kevin.  I knew of I didn’t I would have still been awake anyway and then regret not going.  I have to get back into the gym routine now that it’s getting colder out.

I walked onto the treadmill and started to play my audio book, then I realized that Bill Nye’s new book about global warming was not really motivation to run – sorry Bill Nye – Love ya, but it’s not.  I switched over to Pandora – there is a pretty good station called POP FITNESS RADIO – that’s more like it!  🙂

As I was running/walking on the treadmill, I thought about last year when I did my 1st 10k with my sister.  It was in Hershey and at the end of the run you go through Hershey Park, passing some of the roller coasters!  It was a lot of fun.  I remember how nervous I felt – and my sister making it worse/better by jokingly telling me that some people who run long distances poo themselves during the race (but she assured me this happens to people who run marathons, not a 10k) and she also reminded me to not let the flukeman get me as I went into the port-a-pot before the race started.  (My sisters and I thought he was HANDS DOWN the SCARIEST monster on the X-Files!)   So thanks for that…. LOL!

Anyway – here are a few thoughts that ran through my mind while on the treadmill this morning:

  •  I need to get my rear in gear because I have a 10k coming up in April AND a 15k trail run.
  • I wondered if the only reason I like running is that you get to wear fun/crazy pants and no one looks at you like you’re nuts!
  • I LOVE the Interval Timer App I downloaded last year – I can set it for whatever times I want, for example run for 2 mins/walk for 1.  It will beep or vibrate when the time is up.  This has helped me TONS as I no longer just run and run and run until I have an asthma attack and have to stop – It helps me keep my pace and then slow to a walk at a comfortable time BEFORE that happens so I can catch my breath and then continue.  I use this EVERY TME I run.
  • I wish I could bring JoJo to the gym with me.
  • I have a perfectly good treadmill at home, but I think I feel more motivated at the gym anyway.
  • Exercising in the morning really is a good way to start the day – it gives you energy and you feel more awake – plus it gets it over with! haha  🙂
  • I think I like running on the treadmill just as much as running outside.
  • I really would hate to run into the flukeman in a port-a-pot.


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