Not My Usual Morning Routine…

Skunks are extremely active in my area this time of year – and JoJo and I got a not so pleasant reminder about that early this morning….

I was letting Jo out, opening the door to the back deck and BAM – the door hit something…what the???  I look and in the dim light I see a fluffy black body, tail straight in the air – the smell hit me before my sleepy brain could register what was going on – and also unfortunately before I could grab Jo… she burst through the door excitedly to meet the new visitor, and doing what every dog does when meeting someone new – went up to sniff it’s butt…

FYI: NOT what an actual skunk is like


Direct hit right to the face from the not so eager to make new friends skunk.  Now I am wide awake, but all the commands Jo knows flew out of my head – honestly it was too late for us anyway – after I hit it with the back door we didn’t stand a chance…

After Jo got sprayed in the face, the skunk tried to sort of waddle away, so Jo jumps on it, it sprays her again, she backs off and is now standing face to face with it – it was so weird because it was happening so fast, but yet like it was slow motion too….

The skunk scurries away and then the smell really hits us as the initial panic wears off.  Kevin comes running downstairs as Jo is running around the yard foaming and drooling from the mouth and trying to rub her eyes while I am dry heaving, drooling, and cursing off the side of the deck.  Good Morning hunnie!  🙂

So we google how to get the smell out and Kevin runs off to go get some hydrogen peroxide.  Jo and I were banished outside and I was only wearing a t-shirt and the Tinkerbelle PJ bottoms Kevin’s mom bought me YEARS ago (they’re my favorite) – no shoes, no socks—-and it’s 36 degrees outside.  BRRRRR!!!! I grab a towel from the back deck and try to rub JoJo’s eyes and clean the foamy drool off her face, but I could tell she was hurting – she kept running into the yard to rub her face in the dirt to get away from the smell – she never rolls or digs or anything – so it was really bothering her. :/

At least I had a pretty view of the sunrise while waited for Kevin to get home:


When Kevin returns we make up a solution – spray it on Jo and bring her up to the tub – the smell is EVERYWHERE by this point anyway.  We spray 2 batches on her and then make 1 for myself – now we just have to wait until 10am when the pet stores open so we can give her another bath with de-skunk shampoo that they have there.  :/ (PS this happened at 6am – this is a long time to wait)

At least Jo’s eyes stopped bothering her and she is laying in the bathroom in quarantine until we can go to the pet store. WHAT A MORNING!!!

Sad Stinky puppy dog!

I sincerely hope your morning was WAY better than mine as I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy…..PU!!

AND I hope the stink comes out of me because we are going to go watch my nephew race his car at the pine car derby today – Kevin helped make it and it is AWESOME!!

So thanks Kevin for making an early am run to try to find hydrogen peroxide….

Anyone know any tricks to get the smell out they would care to share??  I will let you know if the de-skunk shampoo works when we take her to the pet store in a bit…

4 thoughts on “Not My Usual Morning Routine…

    • LOL!! I’ve heard it just masks the smell a bit- I’m trying everything right now- my entire house smells- this is potent stuff- someone just sent me a link to what the mythbusters have tried so I’m gonna check that out/ ugh- what a morning!


  1. Tomato juice works because of the acid content. But It’s probably not a good idea to clean your wall with it.
    Stick to the professional’s suggestions.
    Dogs meeting skunks do make for good blog posts. There is a silver lining.

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