Road Trip Day 5 – Rapid City, SD

After reaching Panorama Point, we continued to Rapid City, South Dakota to hang out for a few days – if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know I was in Rapid City last year to see the sights and hike Harney Peak which is the South Dakota high point.  My dad had never been to the area so we spent some time exploring.

I LOVE this metal art in the town we drove through on the way to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

At the Crazy Horse Memorial we had a great view and beautiful weather – and I found my kitty friend from last year!!  Someone told me it’s name is Gracie and she was the sculptors wife’s cat who passed away 2 years ago – now the cat just hangs out and greets visitors.  🙂

Next we drove over to Sylvan Lake and hiked the trail around the lake – there were some rocky sections and steps – and we saw someone pushing a stroller – we have no idea how the heck they got down all that!

After our hike we drove around the Needles Highway, Wildlife Loop and the Iron Mountain Road.  Fun fact: there are no buffalo in the U.S. – only bison!  Buffalo are only found in Asia and Africa but everyone just called bison buffalo here because they look similar- and the name has stuck ever since.

Then over to Mount Rushmore:


We were pretty pooped after all that driving so we headed back to our hotel in Rapid City to rest up for day 6- the hike to White Butte – highest point in North Dakota!  🙂

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