Harpers Ferry – DC Episode 8

I rode around some streets in DC trying to find the least busy route to my hotel, but unfortunately Google Maps took me on some pretty busy roads that I didn’t feel comfortable riding on.  I ended up walking my bike down that street until I got to the Francis Scott Key Bridge and was able to ride across on the pedestrian sidewalk.  I checked into my hotel and was slightly embarrassed that it was a ton of business people and stinky lil me.

Of course as soon as the elevator came, they all decided to cram on with me and one kept insisting he help me take my bike to my room.  I had to keep telling him no I was fine until he said a little rudely “WELL! If you INSIST!”  That was a little bizarre.  I got cleaned up, made some dinner, and again was able to fall asleep proud of what I accomplished on my own!


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