Marathon Training: UPDATE

Unfortunately my heel pain has become a constant problem – I am pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis so I have been doing various stretches, rolling it with a ball thingy, and got a splint to wear at night.  I know rest is the most important thing right now, but what does that mean for all the races I signed up for this spring?  It was suggested that I rest it for at LEAST 10 weeks – I don’t want it to become a chronic condition or get any worse.  I will most likely go to a doctor to see how long I need to rest my foot for, but I am super disappointed about this.  :/

Here’s my vlog about the things I have tried so far – if anyone else has any suggestions, let me know!



11 thoughts on “Marathon Training: UPDATE

  1. Oh, BUMMER is right! Don’t put off going to the Doc. I find, being the super fit person I am (that just drips with sarcasm, doesn’t it?), that there is always some little bump in the road that throws one off track. Like you are finally in a good routine of walking and yoga and BAM! you buy a house and throw everything into a tizzy. I think the key is to just find your way back whether that’s in two weeks, three or even ten. I think foot and health trumps marathon, but that’s just me. I mean the marathon can be signed up for again but well, you do have two feet so there’s that. I truly am sorry for your “bumness.”

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  2. Remember when I wore that big-ass boot all around the OR… that’s what happens when you don’t treat plantar fasciitis in a timely manner!! Although that steroid shot our fav orthopedic gave me stopped the pain for at least 2 months!

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