Thanksgiving Turkey Run

Early Thanksgiving morning I remembered that there is usually a 5k turkey run.  I went online to see if I could register the day of the event and I could.  I decided since it is usually packed that I would cycle to it because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a parking spot (plus it was pretty close and would give me an excuse to ride my bike!)  I stuffed a canned good in my top tube bag to donate (just barely fit!) and headed down to the start of the race.

The only picture I managed to take before my phone froze and shut off!

Oh by the way it was 28* when I left my house and by the time I got to the start my bike lock was frozen in a coil shape.  It took me a while to get it straightened enough to wrap it around the pole and attach it to my bike.  I made my way over to the sign up, handed in my canned item and then waited around to start.  I arrived at 7:30ish – the start time was at 9:00ish – and it didn’t warm up much during that time.  I picked the sunniest spot I could find and stood there trying to warm up.  I tried not to think about the other runners arriving, checking in and then going to sit in their nice warm cars until start time.  BRR!!

After the kids fun run, the rest of us lined up and then headed out through the park to burn some calories due to the fact we would be stuffing ourselves silly the rest of the day.  🙂  The scenery was beautiful, but it was too cold to take pictures!  The finish line was moved this year and I was a little confused where to go, but eventually found my way.  As I was heading over to the post race area I ran into my dear friend Tracy who will be doing the Dopey Challenge with me – and by with me I mean we both signed up for it as she is a super fast runner I will be nowhere near her on the course – LOL!  We chatted for a bit and since there is no way I will ever be in the running for an award and I was freezing I said goodbye, jumped on my bike, and headed home.

Basically I did a reverse duathlon (bike, run, bike instead of run, bike, run).  I think this might be a new tradition!

The rest of the day was spent with family enjoying some wonderful foods.  I always have to laugh when people ask me what I eat at Thanksgiving since I am vegetarian.  To those people I want to say; Have you ever BEEN to a Thanksgiving dinner?  Literally most of the sides are vegan/vegetarian – and they are the BEST part anyway!  haha – so don’t worry about me I had MORE than enough to eat!  🙂  Also Kevin’s mom made a yummy corn pie just for me – THANKS!!

I hope you all had a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey Run

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed your day and were cozy and warm for the fixings. You don’t have a cold now do you? I hope not! I am just not a runner and planned on a nice walk Thanksgiving but it rained here all day which was okay since I was just cooking and eating anyway! I don’t feel so guilty though because we made a pretty lean vegan dinner. It’s the wine that gets me LOL. Our tradition is to adopt a turkey every year at a sanctuary and we did.

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