I was able to complete the Errandonnee 2018 challenge this year!  Basically you need to complete 12 errands by bike from 7 different categories – while cycling a minimum of 30 miles.  You have 12 days in March to complete this challenge – so of course I procrastinated and did it in 2 days!

This was a really fun challenge which got me out on my bike.  Friday was pretty rainy, but Saturday was such a beautiful day!

So what did I do to complete this challenge?  Friday morning I went to pay my water/sewer/trash bill (which I had specifically saved for this) and they were closed because it was good friday.  I have since learned that this would have still counted towards my total – so keep that in mind if something doesn’t quite work out!  🙂 Then I cycled over to the grocery store and farmers market while it was lightly raining, got some shopping done and headed home.  It still amazes me how much I can stuff in the Doggyride!

A bit later in the day when the rain was supposed to stop I headed out with Kevin on another bike ride.  It ended up raining quite a bit while we went to the ATM, got lotto tickets, cycled to my work, donated some clothes, then cycled BACK to the farmers market to get some dinner and then turned in some plastic bags for recycling.


Saturday 3/31 – first thing in the morning I cycled to meet my sisters for breakfast, then down to the park to feed the ducks only to realize they took the bird feeder out (another fail! although again, I probably could have counted it, but didn’t know at the time).  I rode up and down the trails and picked up litter along the way and then realized I was really close to where my nephew was going be for an Easter Egg hunt so I stopped by to watch.  Have you ever been to a child’s Easter Egg hunt??  Those things are crazy – basically just a bunch of eggs dumped in a circle while parents and kids trample each other to see who can get the most – not quite a hunt.  It was crazy and was over in basically 30 seconds.  My nephew only got 3 eggs at that one so his dad kept throwing an egg from his basket onto the ground so he could pick it up.  🙂

After the chaos I cycled around enjoying the day to get the final miles I needed and picking up trash along the way.


If you would like to learn more about the Errandonnee challenge click HERE!

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Personal Business
    • ATM
    • lotto tickets
  2. Carried WHAT on your bike?!
    • groceries
    • litter
  3. Social Call
    • dinner with Kevin
    • breakfast with my sisters
  4. Work
    • cycled to work
  5. Wild Card
    • recycled bags
    • watched Easter Egg hunt
  6. Store
    • grocery store
    • farmers market
  7. Peaceful Everyday Actions
    • cleaned up litter
    • donated clothes
  8. failed (would have still counted)
    • pay bill
    • feed the ducks

9 thoughts on “ERRANDONNEE 2018

  1. Great video! It really is amazing how much stuff can fit in a dog trailer, haha! I find it hilarious when cars pass by me slowly, trying to get a peek of the kid or dog in the trailer and it’s groceries 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • a lady came up to me and says “is there a dog in there??” I said “nope my groceries are in there!” Totally confused she points to Joey’s trailer and says “but it says DOGGYRIDE- it’s for dogs” I said “yes, I got it for my dog but I use it more for groceries” then she starts yelling to people coming out of the store “she has groceries in there!! She is fooling EVERYONE!” The people passing by did not look fooled or confused—LOL 🤷‍♀️ I’m glad I’m not the only one who has a double use for a dog trailer!!!

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  2. Impressive – congrats! You are an Errandonee role model. Win – win -win- get outside, get exercise and get things done – LOVE it. (Have never heard of Errandonee, but it sounds great.) Clever multi-purpose use of your DoggyRide. Now if we could just get people to do that at least once a week, or month… Your neighborhood looks like a lovely area to bike (or horse & carriage)! Love that you’re a litter picker-upper too.
    : ) That Easter egg hunt sounds lame. The hunts I fondly remember were at my hometown’s Community Center. The entire floor was covered with that stringy grass and you had to really search to find the hidden eggs. Keep riding, hiking running & inspiring others. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you so much for the lovely comment!!
      It was a fun challenge for sure! Yes I agree – if people only knew how much stuff they could do by bike – its awesome/ fun/ efficient! Have a great weekend!


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