Cataract Falls

The first stop Dad and I made on our roadtrip was to Cataract Falls in Indiana.  I literally just googled i70 tourist attractions or something and saw this as well as a few other places of interest.  It was about 15 minutes off i70 and we love a good waterfall so we decided to check it out.

We made our way to the parking area and got out to stretch our legs.  It was a short walk from where we parked to the upper falls so we wandered over there first.  The view was partially obstructed by some trees, but you could see the main part of the falls.  We walked up the path towards another cascade and then made our way to a covered bridge that spans Mill Creek.


Unfortunately the inside of the covered bridge had tons of graffiti.  I will never understand why people feel the need to wreck stuff.  Besides that, there were some lovely flowers growing around the covered bridge!

After seeing all there was to see at the upper falls, we drove down to the lower falls – I didn’t see any hiking trails to get to it from the parking lot.  The lower falls have a better view because it’s wide open.  The falls were breathtaking – or was it the port a pot nearby that I kept smelling?  Both were breathtaking – the falls were “ohhh ahhh!” and the port a pot was “P.U.”


It was a great way to start the morning as we headed west towards our goal of getting 5 state high points!


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