Taum Sauk -Missouri State High Point

The first state high point for my recent road trip with my dad was Taum Sauk in Missouri.  On the way to the main parking area there is a great lookout that I recommend stopping at.

There is plenty of parking at the lot near the start of the trail.  We picked our spot and strolled down the short paved path to the highpoint of Missouri.  There were papers to sign that you were there as well as a bench and some lovely flowers blooming along the trail.

The weather was nice so we decided to hike the trail towards Mina Sauk Falls.  It was a pleasant, slightly rocky trail with a gradual downhill.  We made our way along looking at the flowers.  After a while the trail opens up to an amazing view which we stopped to enjoy for a bit.

From there the trail was a steep descent and we decided to turn around at this point.  We didn’t bring water with us and we weren’t QUITE sure how much farther to the falls – although I think we were pretty close.  So we headed back up the trail to our car waiting in the parking lot.

This is an easy highpoint to snag if you are in the area!  Happy trails! 🙂


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