Mount Sunflower – Kansas

I was really excited about going to Mount Sunflower in Kansas.  I love sunflowers and this state high point has a giant metal sunflower made out of rail road spikes.  Unfortunately when Dad and I got there it was pretty foggy and misty so I didn’t have the picturesque blue sky with giant puffy clouds in the background for my pictures like I wanted, but it was still a cool little place to check out.

Mount Sunflower is another high point that is on private property.  There are no restrictions or fees to visit, they just ask that you keep it clean.  It’s also another one that you can drive all the way to the top – just be prepared for some gravel roads.  There are cattle in the area, but they were pretty far away when we were there – although we did notice the *ahem* signs that they dropped by the high point occasionally – watch your step is all I’m saying.

Some really cool metal sunflower sculptures marked the high point – one was made out of rail road spikes.  There is also a mail box with a book to log that you were there – an old room key and… someone left… knitting needles?  Not sure what that was about.  Nearby is a fenced in picnic area with a free book exchange.  Although we didn’t take any books, Dad left a car magazine for someone to enjoy!

Just like that my 29th state highpoint was checked off my list and we headed for #30 – Black Mesa, Oklahoma!


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