Trail Yoga

Trail Yoga was something I have heard about and always thought sounded cool.  My previous yoga experiences have been a little strange though so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for this trip.

The first time I ever did yoga was at the gym I belonged to at the time – the class was fine until the end.  We were laying on our backs with our eyes closed, focusing on our breathing.  I suddenly feel a presence standing over me – I open one eye to peak out and see what was going on and it was the yoga instructor standing over me.  He steps over me which puts him in a position I can only describe as straddling me.  ‘WTF IS GOING ON???’ I am thinking as he bends towards me – he then takes his thumb and presses REALLY hard on my forehead with a completely greasy hand – probably from the sweat of the other people in the class – who knows.  I am thinking, ‘This dude just poked me in my “third eye” – what the HECK is happening?!?  How is this relaxing??’

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