Raystown Lake day 2

Today was a strange day- it started out really well- Kevin’s mom made us an awesome breakfast of French toast- then JoJo decided to be on her WORST possible behavior- not listening, barking at EVERYONE and just being crazy.  It was very frustrating- I was especially disappointed when we visited one of our favorite stops -Miss Mollies- for ice cream.  Miss Mollies is an awesome place that is super dog friendly, has a pretty big selection of food and ice cream- the best part?  You can get ice cream for your dog- complete with a dog bone in it- it’s adorable!  So we get there and they slide the ice cream out of the window for Jo and she jumped up and starts chowing down.  It was so funny- but she is so not aloud to counter surf!

did someone say we are going for ice cream!?!?!
“Don’t mind if I do….”

my bowl is empty…
Miss Mollie herself!! 🙂

So we put her ice cream down and she gobbles it up- we grab ours and go over to the tables to sit down.  This lady and her daughter shows up- Jo started barking at them, but quieted down when they finished ordering.  The lady says to me, “We would like to sit at a table under the shade- is that going to be a problem?”  I was in shock and Kevin’s mom says, “no – there’s tons of tables under the shade- take your pick!” To which the lady replied, “are you sure?? Because….” And points at Jo, looking her up and down like she’s a ferocious killer- meanwhile Jo is just standing there not even paying attention to them.  I nod my head at them and they go and sit down.  I honestly understand that not everyone likes dogs and people are especially afraid of German Shepards so I get upset when she’s not on her best behavior- I want her to change people’s minds about German Shepards, but even dogs get cranky sometimes- and this was one of those days.

More people came and she started barking like crazy- I could tell people were getting uncomfortable- but honestly she was BARKING- not snarling and showing her teeth, not lunging at people as they walked by, but barking.  I could not get her to stop so finally I asked to leave-we grabbed our stuff and headed back to the campsite.  Apparently today is not the day she would be breaking German Shepard stereotypes. :/

Back at the campsite she barked at EVERYONE who walked by- I didn’t know what to do- I finally took her down to the lake and we played ball for a bit.  I brought her bed down by my hammock and we both took a nap by the water.

just hanging out w Miss Grumpy…lol

After her nap- BOOM- I got my sweet little girl back, but seriously WHAT was that about?

Here are some other pictures from the day- before we went to Miss Mollies we drove around to see the Raystown Dam and a few overlooks- it was really pretty!


she jumped on the wall and tried to jump over the other side

We are snuggled up in my tent now and a storm is coming through- acorns are hitting my tent and they sound like they are gonna punch right through the rain fly!

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