4 day/3 night backpacking food list

Tomorrow JoJo and I leave for a 4 day 3 night section hike along the AT and I wanted to share what I will be taking along with me to eat.  I plan on eating a big breakfast tomorrow AM before I drive to the trail head.

only thing not shown is popcorn- still have to pick that up!

Tues Lunch:  Blueberry Cliff Bar

Tues Dinner:  Tortilla with Peanut Butter and dried fruit trail mix, Gatorade powder mix

Wed Breakfast:  Mixed Berry Pop-tarts, Gatorade powder mix

Wed Lunch: Raisin/cinnamon bagel with peanut butter, popcorn

Wed Dinner:  Ramen noodles with pesto, olive oil, and mozzarella string cheese, Gatorade powder mix, applesauce

Thurs Breakfast:  Mountain House – granola with milk and blueberries (1/2 of packet) and Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal

Thurs Lunch:  Wheat thin crackers with cheese sticks, popcorn, granola bar

Thurs Dinner:  Mac & Cheese cup, Gatorade powder mix

Fri Breakfast:  Mountain House – granola with milk and blueberries (1/2 of packet) and Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal

Fri Lunch: Tortilla with Peanut Butter and dried fruit trail mix

Snacks: Natures Bakery blueberry fig bar, 2 – Snickers bars, 2-hot cocoa mix, left over fruit and nut mix

I froze the string cheese and applesauce to make it last a little longer on the trail.  I made the pesto pasta with Ramen noodles when I hiked the OLP and it was so delicious!  I just pack out the flavor packet that comes with it in my trash.  I wanted to bring food that I could share a little with JoJo – cheese, crackers, popcorn- even some peanut butter!  I will be bringing my Camelbak water bladder and filtering water for us along the way with my Platypus Gravityworks – which is AWESOME!  Looking back at this list I realize I am apparently REALLY into blueberries right now – haha!  🙂

JoJo’s food:  Blue Buffalo salmon flavor dried dog food, Blue Buffalo Wild Cuts chunky salmon bites, plus a doggy version of trail mix made with all her favorite treats!!  🙂

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