Plans Change….

Well this week did not go as planned – I was all packed and ready to go on my backpacking trip – and then Monday night I got some kind of stomach bug and got extremely sick.  Tuesday AM I drove to my parents where my dad drove me most of the way to the trail head.  We pulled over at a Sheetz – I was still not feeling well at all, I was trying to determine if it was nerves because this would be my first solo backpacking trip or if I was really sick.  My stomach was making all kinds of crazy noises and just felt awful.  I actually went to the trunk and picked up my pack which felt like it weighed a million pounds and thought, “Nope, not gonna happen today.”  I didn’t want to get dropped off and then someone would have to pick me up because I was ill.  I did not want my 1st solo backpacking trip to go that way, so we turned around and headed home.  I was sick for most of the week and didn’t actually feel better until Thursday.  What a waste of a perfect week!  I was so disappointed.  Wednesday night I went outside to let JoJo out and looked up at the sky – it was a perfectly clear night – you could see stars for miles and I thought, “I would be camping at Annapolis Rocks and looking at this view.”

But I guess in the long run it was better to stay home and get well – backpacking is hard enough without having a stomach bug and being weak – and I think being nervous just added to the way I felt.

So I will have to try again – I have already planned the mileage and stuff for the next time – just need to pick a weekend now!

I am also still confused if you need a parking pass to park your car at Pen Mar – on the AT official website it says you do and gives an email contact, but I never heard anything back after I sent my info in and it said I should get a parking pass to print out.  The website says you don’t need one but it is highly recommended – so basically you need one – haha!  Some people said cars get towed if you don’t have one.  If anyone knows what you are supposed to do, let me know!  🙂

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