Maize Quest Corn Maze

Friday night we decided to check out Maize Quest Corn Maze (cute play on words, don’t you think?) which is in New Park, PA.  I had never done a corn maze before – by the time we got out there, it was dark.  We brought flashlights because Friday and Saturday they have Flashlight Night so you can do the maze in the dark.  The maze is 10 acres and the theme changes every year – this year the theme was Amazon Adventure.  You can download an app that tracks where you are so you don’t get completely lost – and yes we did refer to it several times!  🙂  They give you a flag when you start so if you are really lost and need help getting out you just wave it overhead and they will come and get you.

My sister, myself, and Kevin – ready to start!
The moon high overhead!


The maze had 4 different sections – blue, yellow, white, and green, which are marked out along the trail with colored ribbon.  That way you can keep track of where you are – you should only go through each color one time, so if you see it again you went the wrong way!!

We made it!

It took us about an hour to find our way out of the maze.  We had a good time – this was defiantly a fun and different thing to do!  I think if I do another corn maze I would go during the day – that way I can take more pictures!  🙂

There was a little farmers market on the way out where we got a free apple for completing the maze and I also bought a GIANT bag of kettle cooked popcorn and some fresh apple cider – yup it’s autumn for sure!!  🙂

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