FINALLY got to use my Snowshoes!!

Over the weekend I FINALLY was able to test out my new snowshoes.  The snow was PERFECT – I was able to float right on top of about 2 feet of snow while Kevin, who doesn’t have any, sunk in – up to his knees at some spots!  We were visiting his parents so Joey and I went for a walk in their woods.  It was so beautiful – the only tracks were those of wildlife so it was very easy to walk around on the mostly undisturbed snow.  I have to say it was sort of fun to take my snowshoes off and see how far I sunk in without them!  🙂

I scheduled a hike with some friends Sunday as well so I could get some more use out of my snowshoes before it all melts, but the trails were very packed down and a bit hard to walk on due to all the different footprints – it was also a fairly warm day so the snow was basically slush in a lot of spots.  It was slow going except for the 2 people in the group that had cross country skis – they were ZOOMING along!  I was thinking I should have brought my microspikes to try for this hike as it was hard to find flat places to step – the spikes on the bottom of my snowshoes worked awesome and I wasn’t slipping on the icy sections at all but my ankle was twisting in some crazy positions due to the deep ruts in the snow – LOL!

So it was an awesome weekend!!  I’m hoping it snows a little more so I can go again, but it is warming up already—you never know what Pennsylvania weather will do though!  🙂


8 thoughts on “FINALLY got to use my Snowshoes!!

    • I was starting to think that getting a pair was a waste of $$ for me because the winters here have been so warm lately- possible snow next week so fingers crossed! Except shoveling is the worst…lol! Hope you get to go soon!!


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