Backpacking Dreams

So it’s 4:30 am as I’m typing this….I just woke up from a weird/ funny dream.

In the dream JoJo and I were backpacking somewhere and it started to rain like crazy.  I pulled out an umbrella (?? I don’t have a backpacking umbrella- I know some people do, but I do not) and try to hold it up over me as I hike along.  I couldn’t hold the umbrella over me and use my trekking poles at the same time so I decided to set up camp and wait out the rain.

I set up my tent, sleeping bag and pad – all normal, next I hang a giant tarp over my tent – I don’t bring a tarp when backpacking either, but I was happy to have it as I had a place to go outside of my tent and still be out of the rain.  I then think it’s time to hang my bear bag and I better go through my backpack and get all the things with a scent out so I can hang them up as well.  As I’m going through my pack, it turns into the LL BEAN backpack that I had in high school – I start pulling out empty granola bar wrappers from the pouch in the front and when I get to the main pouches…..I start pulling out— stuffed animals????  I’m talking TONS of stuffed animals!! So I start making a pile and thinking who can I call to come pick these up for me — you know leave no trace and all (I’m very eco- conscious….even in my dreams haha!)  As I’m looking at this mound of stuffed animals I start getting annoyed with myself for the unnecessary weight I had been carrying around in my pack.  The ONLY other thing in my bag was my new kindle – LOL.

I woke up feeling amused- it is so funny what your brain comes up with sometimes while you are sleeping.  I tell ya, I could start a blog on all the weird dreams I have too- LOL!  This is really not even that strange compared to most of them.  One of my favorite dreams is one where I was in Australia holding a koala and I woke up petting Willow’s tail.  And NO, I do not sleep with stuffed animals – I have Jo, Willow and on very rare occasions Gizmo.

Anyway I just let Jo out and was snowing like CRAZY!!  It didn’t last very long, but it was fun to watch and Jo always loves to run around in the snow.  🙂  So I figured I may as well blog as it’s too late to go back to sleep and too early to get up.

Have a good day everyone and happy trails – even if it’s only in your dreams!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Backpacking Dreams

    • Have it on my must read list!! 🙂 thanks for the recommendation! I just finished Turn Right at Machu Picchu which I found excellent – as I am planning on hiking the inca trail next year! If u have any other good book suggestions let me know- I love to read! 🙂


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