Du Tri, when Pigs Fly…

I have decided to challenge myself this year – not only did I sign up and complete my 1st 15K trail run, but I signed up for a duathlon, triathlon – and I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati next May with my sister!  🙂

The duathlon and triathlon are geared towards beginners.  I am excited, but also getting nervous – and it’s supposed to storm this weekend for the duathlon-AHH – MY BIKE!  I don’t care about running in the rain, but I just don’t want anything to happen to my bike.  My friend, who signed up with me for the duathlon, just completed the Broad St Run in Philly which rained the ENTIRE time, so it will be a bummer if the weather is crappy.  :/

The Flying Pig marathon is also beginner friendly as they have an extended cut off time.  The event has well over 30,000 people who participate and tons of spectators to cheer the crowd on.  I am not sure how my sister talked me into this as I was JUST saying I have no desire to run a full marathon unless it’s the Disney marathon in January as they have a lot of things to look at along the course.  I think as long as I have my sister to talk to the whole time and we get some good training in I’ll be ok- maybe I’ll be hooked!  LOL!  I’ll never know unless I try and we have a year to train which will be more than enough time.

I really like having these goals to work towards – it keeps me motivated to get outside and stay active.  Do I think I’m going to win any of these events?  Absolutely not, I don’t even care if I come in dead last.  I just enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. One thing I have learned is that there are EXTREMELY FEW people who will make fun of newbies for trying, most people are encouraging and helpful!

Wish me luck this weekend – I hope the weather holds out until I’m done Saturday!!  🙂


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