Laney’s Legacy of Hope Fashionista 5K – Race Recap



I was undecided if I was going to participate in this event because I wasn’t sure how I would feel after completing the Peace Valley Duathlon yesterday, but when I woke up I felt pretty good so off I went to sign up!

A little history:  Laney Brown is a little girl who passed away on Christmas Day from cancer in 2013 – she was 8 years old.  It was a huge deal that made national news because she said all she wanted for Christmas was to hear carolers singing.  I am not kidding you when I say thousands and thousands of people showed up for an organized caroling event.  Her whole block was shut down and we were given a list of carols and paraded around her neighborhood so everyone got a chance to go by her house.  This was an extremely emotional event.  I never met Laney, but I went to sing.   It was beautiful and sad at the same time.  There was even talk of getting the Guinness Book of World Records to show up (there was really that many people there), but the family decided they didn’t want it to be about that – it was about Laney and her final wish.

When I saw on facebook that she passed early in the morning  on Christmas Day – I couldn’t stop crying.  It is not fair that her life (and so many others) are cut short due to cancer.  Her family started organizing a 5K run to benefit pediatric cancer.  This was the 3rd year and the 1st I was able to attend.  They call it the Laney’s Legacy of Hope Fashionista 5k because Laney loved crazy colors and dressing up so all the participants are encouraged to wear tutus, tiaras and whatever else!

I ended up wearing my new running skirt even though it was pretty cold and windy.  (Side note I ended up LOVING my skirt – it was the 1st time I ran in it – I will be getting more).  It was great to see what everyone was wearing – there were even dogs there in tutus!!  I wish I woulda known I would have brough JoJo – next year!!

Before the run started Laney’s mom made some announcements and said since they started Laney’s Legacy of Hope they have raised enough money to help 15 local children with cancer!! How awesome!

The run began around 9am and I ended up bumping into my friend Tara who I haven’t seen in a long time – she said she just wanted to walk and I could go ahead if I wanted.  This was a weird feeling because usually I’m telling everyone else to go ahead and don’t worry about waiting for me!  She introduced me to her friend Lisa who wanted to run, so eventually we took off.  I put on my timer and we walked 1 min then ran 1 min.  I don’t think we started this until over a mile into the event.  The course was LOVELY and before we knew it we were rounding back to the finish line.  I honestly think I could have PRd this race if I would have run from the beginning, but I would rather talk to people! LOL!  I ran into a lot of people I knew from my old job too so it was so great to chat with them a bit!

At the end when I was talking some little kids came up and asked if I was frozen (because most people were bundled up in sweatshirts and pants).  I said, “Well I have a few goosbumps, but I’m not Elsa!”  They thought this was HYSTERICAL!  🙂

Great run for a GREAT cause – if you would like to learn more about Laney and her cause click HERE!

Here are a few photos from today’s event!


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