Road Trip Days 1-3

“Do you realize we have driven for 3 days and over 1500 miles and still didn’t get to any of the state highpoints yet?”  my dad pointed out.

It was true – my Dad and I planned a road trip and we were supposed to go to Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois to visit those highpoints, but they were calling for some crazy storms in that area so we decided to just keep driving and hit Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa and Illinois instead.

The first day we headed out to Cleveland, Ohio to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum.

After that we kept driving until we got a bit tired and found a campsite in Ohio.  We were lucky we were able to find a site as it was a holiday weekend, but hey we were winging this whole trip.  The bugs were out of control and I don’t even know how many bug bites I got – it was nuts – my dad hardly got any.  I look like I have the chicken pox because I have these large red welts all over my arms, legs and back (even still, 3 days later).  We set up the giant tent I have that was nicknamed “the condo” by a friend because it is huge – It barely fit on the tend pad at the campsite.  Strangely there was no fire ring, so we just made some black bean burgers on my Coleman stove and then I couldn’t take the mosquitos anymore so we went in the tent.  I felt bad that my dad only had a twin air mattress and I bought a queen size – I offered to switch but he said no – he looked so uncomfortable – LOL!

Day 2 – We broke camp early in the morning and discussed what options we had due to the rain – we kept checking the forecast, but it still didn’t look good in the areas we originly planned to go so we started heading to Nebraska and to get that high point.  To give us a break from driving we made stops at Notre Dame (the stadium is under construction) and Wrigley Field to watch the Phillies play the Cubs (Phillies lost).  I am so glad my dad was driving when we went through Chicago – it was nuts.  There were no lines on some of the roads so you couldn’t tell how many lanes there were supposed to be.  There was a LOVELY bike/walking path we passed I found out is called the Lakefront Trail – I will have to go back to check that out (but I’m not driving there)!

Day 3 was just driving – and driving – and driving…..FOREVER to get us close to the Nebraska highpoint.  We were going to stop at the Omaha Zoo to give us a break, but it was packed – I mean crazy packed.  We drove around for like 15 minutes to try to find parking, but there were so many other people looking for parking as well so we gave up and just kept going.  We dove west until we got tired and were looking for a campsite when we saw they were calling for storms during the night – we decided to check into a hotel at the last minute and we were SO GLAD we did because as soon as we were done carrying our stuff up to our room it started raining like crazy – we would have been setting up the tent in the rain – not fun!

We got a good night sleep and headed out on day 4 for Panorama Point – highest point in Nebraska!



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