Hawkeye Point – Iowa State Highpoint – Roadtrip Day 8

From Sioux Falls, SD it was maybe a little over an hour drive to Hawkeye Point – the highest point in Iowa.  We set out early because the weather predicted storms and we were hoping to catch a tiny window before the rain.  Actually we ended up driving through the rain and got ahead of the storm as we reached the highpoint.

I plugged in 5467 130th St Sibley, IA into the GPS which is the address I found on roadsideamerica.com and it took us right there.  It was very easy to get to and since everything is so flat we could see the silo and flags in the distance (as well as the approaching rain) as we drove closer.  For some reason my GPS took us off the main road and down some dirt roads the back way to the entrance,  but either way works.

There was a big sign directing us to turn and then you continue driving down the lane a bit to some parking.  I LOVED this spot – there is a tile mosaic on the ground with a compass and Hawkeye Point on it and posts with signs pointing to all the other highpoints in the US.  There is an observation tower that you can climb, of course a register to sign and an old barn to explore.

When we arrived there were 2 people there and we chatted with them about highpoints.  Dad likes to joke that he’s just the navigator.  They asked us if we were heading towards Charles Mound the next day – which we said yes.  After chatting a bit more they headed out and I was able to take a few pictures with no one around.  We didn’t climb the observation tower because it started to rain harder so we just jumped in the car and started heading east to get us closer to Charles Mound so we could snag that hike first thing in the morning.

Here is a video I put together of Hawkeye Point – ENJOY!  🙂

Next stop Charles Mound, Illinois!  🙂

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