Cycling to the Wildflower Patch

I joined a cycling club a few weeks ago which I LOVE – I have met so many awesome people, although I have to admit I was worried that on my hybrid I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  Turns out I had no problems (and they gave me a 20% off coupon to a bike shop which includes bikes—-could we see a road bike in my future??  Probably yes! 🙂 WAHOO!)  Anyway – I have done a few rides with this group – the problem?  There is no time to stop to take pictures and too much beautiful scenery along the way! LOL!!  I knew an upcoming ride was going to go right by this awesome wildflower patch that everyone has been buzzing about lately, but I couldn’t bear it if I couldn’t stop to take a picture – or 100 – so I decided to bike there myself before the group ride.  I talked my mom into going along so we picked a spot that was fairly close by to park and cycle there.  Now you can just drive up and park in the grass, but what’s the fun in that??  🙂

This on road section was a lot busier than the other ride we did – my mom does not like to cycle on the road, but once again she confronted her fears and off we went.

We could smell all the flowers before we could see them – and when we got there we parked our bikes and started wandering around.

I read that this area used to be a tobacco field and the owners decided to grow a wildflower patch instead.  From what I have read they planted the wildflowers to attract bees to the hives on the property – but they have also been attracting people who are welcome to stop by and meander down the paths.  There were plenty of people who were there when we were – kids skipping down the paths, butterflies and chunky bees all enjoying the beauty.  How can something so simple make everyone so happy?  We wandered around for quite some time until we hopped on our bikes and headed back to the car.  I am so happy we decided to do this quick trip – well maybe I should say “quick” because although the bike ride was only 2 miles RT – we stayed at the flower patch for quite some time – which is probably why my bike group doesn’t stop for pictures – LOL!


  If you would like to stop by this awesome garden it is on the corner of East Oregon and Kissel Hill roads in Lititz, PA.



3 thoughts on “Cycling to the Wildflower Patch

  1. What a lovely post!!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    I am so happy to hear that you took time to stop and be in the moment. And that is wonderful that your mom went with you.

    Some days are for riding with the pack, others are for slowing it down and immersing yourself in nature 🙂

    Happy riding!

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