City to Shore T-3 Days!!

So the MS City to Shore bike ride is right around the corner – just 3 days away!  I just wanted to thank everyone who donated to the cause – I actually raised enough money to ride in the MS City to Shore AND the MS NYC in October!  SO THANK YOU!!!

I must be having some pre-ride jitters/excitement because I had a dream that Kevin drove me down to the start, pulled my bike out of the back of his truck and there were no tires on it!!  The wheels were still there, but in place of the tires and tubes were bright green LED string lights – magically lit up somehow.  I was horrified and yelled, “How am I going to bike 80 miles to Ocean City on THAT?!?!” and Kevin just shrugged.  Luckily then I woke up!!  Dreams are so weird…

Anyway, on Saturday  I will be cycling 80 miles from Cherry Hill, NJ to Ocean City, NJ.  I’ll be posting updates along the way which you can follow on FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM.  If you missed my previous City to Shore rides you can read about them HERE and HERE.  Hopefully I’ll 1) Be able to finish and 2) Not hallucinate at the end – read my prior posts from the links above if you are curious about what that means.  🙂

Wish me luck!!  Anyone else riding the City to Shore this weekend?  Stop by and say hello if you see me!  🙂


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