#OptOutside 2016

Another Black Friday means another day I get to OptOutside with my nephew!  We went on a hike last year and I think both of us are more into biking right now so I ended up taking him to a park where we could ride our bikes and enjoy the cool morning.  There were even a few snow flurries – but they didn’t last long.  (Hopefully we will get to use our snowshoes this year!)

After riding around the park we headed back to my house so I could show him how to do a quick clean and degrese/lube the chain of his bike.  At the end of the day I said, “Well this was a fun day!  I wonder what our next adventure will be!” and he replied, “I still have 2 more days off ya know!”  🙂

Another great day outside!  Did you choose to OptOutside this year?  🙂

Happy Trails!  🙂


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