Harpers Ferry – DC Episode 7

This video shows how you get from Georgetown to mile marker 0 on the C&O trail.  It can be a little tricky to find – a lot of people think the trail ends in Georgetown, but SURPRISE!! You have to go about .5 more miles or so along the Rock Creek Park Trail and then turn into the parking lot for the Thompson Boat Center, pass a bunch of row boats and BOOM! Mile marker 0.  It is such a lovely view to end a great bike trip!  🙂

I hope this video helps you find the end of the trail!  PS for those of you who have been watching the videos, they will continue every sunday.  I spent a few days exploring DC on my bike and sight seeing, plus I have a few more cycling events that I have to post including a video of the MS NYC!


6 thoughts on “Harpers Ferry – DC Episode 7

    • hahaha – it’s me pedaling and now and then u can hear the breaks – the microphone on my camera picks up EVERYTHING – like the asthma attack I have in the 1st video! LOL – I have been editing all the background noise out of the other videos – LOL! thanks for watching!

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      • If you scroll down to some of my earlier posts, I have taught my cat to ride with me on a bike. I need to get a go pro one of these days and hook it up to her head! That would be quite the video…


      • oh that’s awesome!! There is a guy in Philly who does that and I saw some of his videos – I was WONDERING if you did that – I will check it out for sure!! 🙂 Animals are the best aren’t they?! 🙂

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      • Yes, animals are therapeutic to say the least. I will continue to check out your blog! I am fairly new to it and have met some really neat people because of it. Have a wonderful day….


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