Bikepacking Trip – Day 2

If you missed day 1 of my trip – start HERE!  🙂

I woke up in Leesburg, VA, packed up my panniers, and headed out to the front desk to wait for the shuttle to take me back to the Ferry.  The 3 guys who were cycling the whole trail were on my shuttle again and we wished each other well as we got off the ferry and started the final portion of the trip to DC.  They told me they would be taking their lunch break at Great Falls if I wanted to join them.


Although some of the trail was pretty muddy and rutted out, it went through some extremely beautiful sections.  A giant bee decided to check out my bike set up and at another point on the trail some deer ran right in front of my bike (check out the video below because I was able to get one on camera!)

Once I arrived at Great Falls I found a picnic table by the visitors center and looked around for the 3 guys but didn’t see them anywhere so I sat and ate my lunch.  The weather was perfect and this section of the trail was very busy with people walking along the trail, painting, doing yoga, etc…

After my lunch I continued down the trail to the actual waterfalls.  I wasn’t going to stop because I thought I would have had to lock my bike up at the visitors center where I ate lunch and I was worried about all my things.  THEN I happened to see the 3 guys so I headed down to say hi.  This was where they stopped to have lunch.  Turns out there was a bike rack right there before the bridge over the falls so I locked my bike up and went to check out the waterfalls, which were AMAZING.

There was a section of trail that the wind was blowing straight at me which made it hard to cycle, but I just kept pedaling – what else could I do?  Then I got to a section where the weeds and vines were overtaking everything and I SWEAR one shape looked like a buffalo – maybe I was hallucinating because I was tired? LOL

When I got into Georgetown I ended up getting off my bike and walking it – there were a lot of short and steep sections mixed with a lot of people so for me it was just easier to walk until I got onto the Rock Creek Park Trail.  That took me to mile marker 0 which is located at the Thompson Boat Center.

I enjoyed the beautiful view for a bit and then headed back to find my way to the hotel.  Google Maps took me on some pretty busy roads with no bike lanes which was a bit overwhelming so I walked my bike until I reached the Francis Scott Key bridge where I could ride across on the pedestrian section.  I was pretty much right at my hotel – later after I explored the area more I found out I could have taken the trails pretty much right to my hotel which would have avoided all the crazy busy roads – oh well – live and learn!  🙂


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