Thoughts While on a Treadmill – 2

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I started running again after a LOOONNNGGG time off.  If you have been following this blog you may remember I had some pretty random thoughts on a treadmill awhile ago.

I am not a fast runner due to my asthma and allergies, but these last few days were SLOW even by my usual times.  I am trying not to get discouraged and I know I have only been back at it for a week.  I know I will never be able to run very fast – but then I think who cares right?  I’m doing SOMETHING since it’s getting cold out.  During my run I decided to make a list of all the things I HAD to be faster than:

  • sloth (one of my fav animals – I am most likely faster than the 3 toed AND 2 toed ones!)
  • snail
  • slug (does every slow animals name start w/ S?!?)
  • turtle (no, is the answer to the question above)

Maybe someday I can add some more animals to the list, but as of 5:00 this morning – that was about it.  Also I realize I am faster than when I am just sitting on the couch watching TV – LOL!

So why did I start running again?  Well it’s getting pretty cold so I probably won’t be riding my bike a whole lot for a while.  Oh yeah…and I signed up for a marathon with my sister in May….so there’s that – LOL.  I am not sure what I got myself into, but we will see how it goes I guess!  I hope it goes well because I have hopes of doing the Disney Marathon in January 2018!!

Anyone else switch from cycling to running (or something else) when the weather gets bad?

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4 thoughts on “Thoughts While on a Treadmill – 2

  1. Well I didn’t completely switch over .. some co-workers asked if I would do a 10k run with them, so I stopped bicycling for a while, and started running … not sure if you would call that running. Being in California, weather was not the reason to go to running though (although it’s gotten pretty cold this weekend).

    I praise you for committing to the marathon … all I know, is after the 10k run, I am not making the full switch over. I wanted to bail on the 10k and do the 5k, but I gut it out. Good luck to you on the marathon.

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  2. I switch to a warmer climate LOL! I walk. I tried running for about 4 months – it kills me and I was a turtle! I think I actually walk faster than run and I love to walk so that’s what I’ve been doing. By the way there is a really cool group of people on FB called “the slow runners club.” They’ll boost your spirits and motivation. I still need to get a bike. I love biking here – no traffic and beautiful scenery. I also like to bike at home during the summer because there is usually not a place to park LOL – tourist towns.

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