Harpers Ferry – DC Episode 10

Friday I had plans to meet with Jill from the Summit Chicks (Raina was out of town) – we had plans to meet for lunch to catch up and walk over to the highest point of Washington DC, which is in Fort Reno Park.  I decided to keep my bike in my hotel room and take the metro.  I haven’t ridden the metro since I was little on vacation in DC with my parents so I was a bit worried about making it on time, but it turns out that google maps makes it really easy.  You just type in where you are and where you want to go and there are options for drive, bike, walk and public transportation – it was awesome.  I typed in the time I wanted to be there and it gave me the time I should leave, the metro line I wanted to hop on, how many stops until my connecting stop, the connecting stop line – everything was really spelled out – piece of cake.  I would HIGHLY recommend using that if you are somewhere and need directions!

ANYWAY, I arrived at the Tenleytown metro station and met Jill.  It was a pleasant walk to Fort Reno Park but I would have NEVER found the highpoint without her!!  I felt like a pirate looking for buried treasure – we literally went over to this giant tree and then walked like 19 paces away from it – TA DA!!  Buried in the grass was the USGS marker!  Scratch another highpoint off my list – ok, it wasn’t a STATE highpoint, but it’s there just the same!  🙂  It was a fun hunt, but I think the Summit Chicks are working on getting a sign put up in the area to make it easier to find – to read their report click HERE!

Then we were off to eat some lunch at a WONDERFUL Mexican restaurant called Guapo’s.  We chatted for a long time – and I felt a bit bad because I hadn’t really had a long conversation with someone in DAYS – so Jill let me blather on!  🙂

We hung out until she had to head back to work and then I hopped back on the metro and went over to the Spy Museum.  This place was sooo awesome – I spent a ton of time here.  It was so interesting – seeing all the things actual spies use and hearing their stories while watching videos blew my mind.  I did notice there was quite a few objects intended to be carried – well – up the butt to put it bluntly.  Various tool kits in special capsules – and when I say capsule, I don’t mean like a little pill capsule…yeeshhh…

Oh and then I noticed a transmitter that was hidden in dog poop on display – so then I had a good laugh that maybe I ruined someone’s transmitter when I rode my bike through dog doo on the 1st day I was on the trail cycling to DC (If u missed that click HERE).  So your welcome America – just keeping you safe!  🙂 I don’t think the life of a spy is for me… although it was very interesting!  🙂

THANK YOU so much Jill for meeting up with me – this was such a fun day!  🙂


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