Conowingo Dam

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!  I HAD to get up early to try out the star mode on my new camera – well more specifically the star portrait mode.  It takes a photo of someone and then another photo of the stars behind and lays the 2 images on top of each other.  Of course I wanted to use JoJo as my model!

The photos got really cool – is Joey looking behind her at 2016 and then forward to 2017??


No, she was distracted by something – LOL.


After the sun came up, Kevin and I decided to make a spontaneous trip to the Conowingo Dam in Maryland to see the Bald Eagles that migrate there.  I read on the facebook page that in December there were 300 there one day.  They start leaving in January so I was worried how many would be there, but we weren’t disappointed.  There were a bunch sitting in the trees, flying around, and fishing in the river.  At one point I heard a SPLAT  – Kevin informed me an eagle dropped a fish close to where I was standing – EW.

There is always a lot of people there lining the banks and railing hoping to get a good photo of an eagle – people were using everything from their iPhones to some of the most expensive cameras/lenses I have ever seen.  I was using my new camera which is awesome, but definitely not for extreme zoomed in pictures of wildlife – still I got a few good shots and it was a great day hiking around eagle spotting!

Here is a video I put together from our time at the Dam – ENJOY!!


6 thoughts on “Conowingo Dam

  1. You have a really artistic eye. It just goes to show that no matter what the hardware, it’s still the art in all of us that makes the picture. I can tell you have a much more artistic eye than me. Beautiful pictures, and a terrific video. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. What a great way to start the New Year! I just wrote to Rebecca at South Ranch to tell her how much I love the ornament I won here. It is very beautiful and I will hang it on the wall because it is too nice to pack away only to use once a year. There are Eagles that stay on the St. Lawrence River where I live in the summers. They group to any open water not frozen over to fish. At our lake property one day, an Eagle landed in a nearby tree with its dinner and proceeded to dine in front of us — a sight I will not forget anytime soon. Magnificent birds! There is a nesting pair here in Florida where I winter and the nest resembles a hot air ballon basket! — it is quite large and can only be seen from a distance. I like that star mode on your camera — very cool effect. Happy New Year to you and yours!

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    • So glad u like the ornament! 🙂 we were able to spot a nest as well yesterday – it was awesome!!! We could also hear them chattering to each other which is something I have never heard before (this was my 3rd time here over the years) – I have a quick video of that which I will post on YouTube tomorrow. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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