Harpers Ferry – DC Episode 11

I forgot to post this!  OOPS!!

My final day in DC!  Kevin drove down the night before and I asked him to bring his bike so we could cycle around DC before he took me home.  After going out to eat at Panera (by the way, the staff at the Panera near the Rosslyn Metro station were so friendly!)  we grabbed our bikes, hopped on the Mt Vernon Trail and cycled to DC.  I showed Kevin all the sights I saw a few days before since he hadn’t been to DC in a while – we really lucked out because there happened to be some sort of walk going on and a TON of streets were closed so we didn’t have to worry about cars at all.  Then we got on the Rock Creek Park Trail and headed up to the zoo.  The trail was lovely although it was very crowded along most of it – it was a Saturday after all.


We weren’t sure where the entrance to the zoo actually was, we came across a road that cut across the trail and we could see people walking around the zoo beyond that, but there was a sign that said no bikes in the zoo.  We decided to keep going to see if there was anything else.  We rode for a while and then we could tell we were heading away from the zoo, so we turned around and went back to the road.  Turns out that is how you get into the zoo from the trail.  We rode up to the entrance, got off our bikes and walked them over to the bike rack that was a few steps inside the entrance.  We were glad we rode our bikes because the trail was fairly flat and it would have cost us $22 to park a car.  Other than that the zoo is free to get into – so there ya go!

I was a bit disappointed that the sloth was sleeping the whole time – LOL.  We walked by it like 3 times and he didn’t budge.  Kevin said “I can’t help your favorite animal sleeps all day!”  🙂  We were lucky enough to be able to see the elephants pretty close.  They were absolutely amazing.  I have to say I was totally jealous of the staff that were up close feeding them treats!  There were quite a lot of people in the room trying to get a good look and I noticed a little boy behind me trying to get a picture.  I heard his mom say something like “Ask her if u can go up there” so he asked me very politely and I said “of course!”  He stood in front of me with his camera and a puzzled look on his face.  Then he turned to his mom and said “How do I get up there?”  pointing to the area where the staff was (we were separated from them by a barrier.  The mom said “I don’t think you can.” and he said “But she said I could!” pointing to me.  We both laughed and explained that I meant he could stand in font of me  at the barrier! 🙂  It was too cute!

We stopped for lunch and ate it in a rush because we were dodging the tons of bird poo that was raining down on everyone who was trying to enjoy their meals.  My bag and Kevin’s french fries didn’t make it out unscathed – BUMMER!

After wandering around the zoo for quite some time we headed back to our bikes – the rack was completely full – I was glad we got there early.  It was weird they only had 1 rack there – especially since they encourage people to cycle.

After untangling our bikes from the mix, we hopped back on the trail, headed back to our hotel and waiting truck in Rosslyn, and then headed home.  It was pretty weird to be in a car after a week of being car free – and I’m glad Kevin was driving and not me – that traffic was nuts!  I would HIGHLY recommend if you are heading to DC to cycle around instead of driving – it was perfect!  🙂

Happy Trails!!

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