Bike MS: NYC

On Oct 23, 2016 I had the privilege of riding in the Bike MS: NYC which was a 30 mile route around Manhattan.  NYC is another area I haven’t been to in YEARS and I was disappointed I didn’t get to do as much sight seeing as I wanted, but that just means another trip back – preferably when it’s a bit warmer!

When we arrived we couldn’t check into the hotel yet, so we drove around looking for a parking garage that would fit a truck.  Luckily we found one that was across from the hotel. We had to work out a deal with them so we could come back to get our bikes out of the truck later in the day – apparently garages in NYC don’t let you go back to your car if you forgot something – I’m serious – there are signs everywhere stating u can only get your car when you are ready to leave.

Kevin and I walked around Times Square for a bit and then headed to see the 9/11 memorial.  It was a weird feeling standing in a place where you know that so many innocent people passed away…

We headed back to the hotel to check in, got cleaned up for dinner, and called it an early night.

At 4:35 am we were woken up to a VERY loud obnoxious couple that couldn’t figure out how to get into their hotel room (hint, just swipe your card like every other hotel in the US).  They were yelling profanities and causing a scene.  FINALLY they got into their room and it was quiet – for a bit – until they decided to reenact 50 Shades Of Grey so the entire floor could hear.  They may as well have been in our room – I am not kidding you could hear every smack and scream – it was gross.  Someone called security on them but by the time they arrived it was quiet again – this must have been the abridged version of 50 Shades….

ANYWAY we got up a bit later and got ready for the ride – Kevin’s friend Jeremy came to meet us at our room – we were in the hall talking quietly about how we got woken up when suddenly the door across the hall FLINGS open.  Next thing I know there is an extremely angry and totally naked guy staring the 3 of us down.  This was the guy from earlier.  I didn’t know if he was gonna yell or try to fight us or what.  No one says a word – so eventually I say “HELLO!” and then he SLAMS the door shut and starts another yelling rant.  I said “ok, someone can just call security again….” and we left to enjoy our bike ride.

Per the suggestion of a friend we left extra early so we could bike around Times Square and Broadway (plus we were already awake from the yelling rants of our neighbor) – the lights were all twinkling and there was hardly any traffic – it was amazing and I would highly recommend it.  We then headed over to the start after a stop at a convenience store because I forgot my micro SD card for my action cam.

We wandered around the start for a bit.  I told everyone they were very strict about not bringing bags – it was all over the web site and in the instructions we were given, but there were people there with panniers and even someone wearing a full backpacking pack.

It was very cold when we started and unfortunately as the day went on we got some pretty strong winds (up to 30 mph per the weather channel) – which of course we had to ride straight into.  There was even a point where we were going DOWNHILL and had to pedal – it was insane!

The route was awesome with various views of the city – I could not tell you what famous landmarks we passed because I am not very familiar with NYC.  I was bummed when I realized we might have been able to catch a glimpse of the statue of liberty, but by the time I thought about it we were well passed it – bummer! Something to keep in mind for next year!

The only other thing that cracks me up was that I THOUGHT my GPS kept telling me we only went 10 miles – I was so confused and frustrated – especially when we hit the rest stop which was listed at 20 miles on the cue sheet – and my GPS said 10.  Then I noticed the GPS was counting BACKWARDS from 10.9 to 10.4 or something.  I was really confused until I realized I was looking at my average SPEED – which is why it was going backwards when we stopped.  Only 1 word can be said here – DUH.



ANYWAY – this was a great event for a good cause.  I was so excited to be able to partake in 2 MS bike rides this year – click HERE to read about the 80 mile City to Shore that I did earlier this year.  I honestly think the 80 mile ride was easier than this 30 mile one – due to the wind.


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