Strange Things…

On Saturday I completed the 5th week of marathon training with my sister.  We met in the park and there was a running group that was planning on doing 3 miles so we ran with them for a bit until they turned to go back and we continued on so we could complete 7 miles.  The day was foggy and a bit drizzly, but it was warmer than it had been so I thought it was a great day for a run.  The white of the dense fog made the yellow-green of the grass really pop!  We did the whole trail and back making our run a little over 7 miles – the whole time doing the walk/run/walk/run using the timer on my phone.  I am getting a little faster every time and am almost back to the time I was last year (which is still not really fast).  I’m lucky my sister sticks with me- she’s just happy to run (although I know she can go wayyyy faster than me).

Sunday I went to the gym with Kevin.  They don’t use the workout classrooms on sundays and they keep a few small weights and the spin bikes up there.  Kevin finished up the first part of his workout plan and decided to head down to lift – he said no one ever uses the rooms we were in so I decided to stay and pull out a spin bike.  I loaded a  youtube video on my phone, put my earbuds in, turned the fan on full blast, pointed it at me and started the workout.

I’m getting really into the workout, following along with the youtube video – climbing up the “hill” and suddenly….

“Before my fibromyalgia blah blah blah…..”

What?!?!  Who would put commercials in the middle of a workout video?!?!

A bit later I was startled to see a guy holding a duffel bag come into the room.  We nodded hi to each other and I continued on with my workout.  Out of the corner of my eye I see him set the duffel bag down and start pulling out knives, a machete, and all sorts of weapons lining them up on the floor.

hmmm….this is a new one…


I think; ‘What the shit is going on here?  This is new…’

He then pulls out bamboo poles so I figured he was doing some kind of martial arts thing – with weapons added….I tried very discretely to snag a picture of the pile of weapons (I was thinking ‘There is NO WAY anyone is gonna believe this without a picture’), but I was on the bike, so not my best photography work.  I then realized that the machete appeared to be rubber or plastic as well as one of the knives.  I just continued my workout while he swung the sticks at imaginary bad guys in the back of the room.

A bit later 2 more people came in – a dad and his son and they started practicing too.  When I was done with my workout I started chatting with them about what they were doing.  They told me it was a Philippine version of martial arts and they meet every week to practice.  I told them I was a little unsure what was going on when I saw the machete and laughed.  I think it’s cool that they were out doing their thing and especially thought it was cool for the kid to be doing that with his dad – what a great bonding activity while getting a little exercise!

I went downstairs to find Kevin and he was finishing up his workout – he decided to do some abs.  He is on this crazy hard workout plan – he did one weird crunch/leg lift thing and then started contorting in ways I didn’t think possible.  I thought he was kidding at first, but the realized he was really in pain.  He started having cramps in his abdomen.  When he got up he just kept holding his belly and then asked me to pick his stuff up off the ground because he didn’t think he could bend over.  I felt bad for him, but couldn’t help giggle because I never saw faces like the ones he was making.

That pretty much ended our time at the gym – LOL!  🙂

P.S.  He is fine now.

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