DIY Cue Sheet Holder

I’m sure I am not the first person to think this up, but I needed a cue sheet holder for my bike and  1) didn’t feel like paying $10 when I figured I could make one and 2) didn’t feel like waiting for it to be mailed to me.  I decided to see if I could make my own with things I have around the house.

I ended up using a hair tie and a suspender clip (or mitten clip).  The clips are easily found in craft stores.  Honestly it’s also the same clip used to attach pacifiers to a baby’s clothing so they don’t get lost so if you have one of those laying around, just cut it off of the fabric!  🙂

This DIY cue sheet holder takes less than a minute to put together and attach to your bike.  You can even flip to the other side of the cue sheet easily while you are riding.  It works great for me!

Take a peak at the video I created to show a step by step guide – and save yourself a few bucks!  🙂


11 thoughts on “DIY Cue Sheet Holder

    • Thanks!! I actually use a program on my computer called Sony Vegas movie studio- Every now and then I use iMovie on my phone, but the pic quality is way better if I use my action cam and my canon g7x mark II – so typically I edit them on my computer. 💗🐾😎

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      • THANKS SO MUCH!!! I just got the G7X for Xmas and I LOVE it and I’ve had the little Sony action cam for a while!! (Wasn’t ready to get a DSLR yet- I’m scared of all the lenses! LOL) I need more JoJo cameos though! Haha PS the nail color is ESSIE Tour De Finance- it’s a really old bottle though, but one of my fav colors!! 🙂

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