30 days of biking starts TOMORROW!!  Since I am not supposed to be cycling right now due to my heel/foot injury a few family and friends have volunteered to take some days for me.  I will be doing the bicycle exercise and also posting once of my favorite cycling videos everyday over on my facebook and twitter pages so feel free to check them out!  Hopefully my doctor says I can get back to cycling at my follow up appointment next friday so JoJo and I can check out some cool bike trails!

Will you be taking the 30 days of biking challenge this year?  🙂



Also – thanks to my mom who stood in the rain and cold with me to help me film the intro to my 30 days of biking videos!!  It was MUCH appreciated!  🙂

6 thoughts on “30 DAYS OF BIKING 2017

    • Thanks! Hahaha!!! I had so much fun filming that- I was supposed to be wearing my boot cuz my foot still isn’t healed yet- shh don’t tell! U can still sign up! They don’t care! I had to take my bike in too cuz it was making some crazy noises- LOL!

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