30 Days of Biking – week 2

Unfortunately  my foot/heel is still painful so I had to come up with a backup plan QUICK to continue with 30 days of biking.  I didn’t want to do the same thing as the last video and just have other people riding around in place of me – so inspired by the fact that my mom dresses as the Easter Bunny every year and this picture I took of my of my nephew:

Looking for his eggs…

I wrote a short story about how the Easter Bunny can’t keep all his eggs in his basket because he hops too much so they keep falling out – and the idea a little boy (played by my other nephew) has to help him.

Of course this whole idea depended on the fact that I needed to rent a bunny costume…on the Friday before Easter.  ‘There is no way,’ I thought as I called the rental company, ‘They are gonna laugh.’  but surprisingly a costume was available – and not only that but they said I could keep it until Monday (for the price of 1 day rental).  I could not believe my luck!  So the short movie was on!

Friday morning I picked up my mom, picked up the bunny costume, and headed to my sisters house to start filming.  We could NOT stop laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was and when my mom – dressed as the Easter Bunny – was outside, so many cars stopped to take pictures or have their kids wave.  It was very hard to see through the mask of the costume so I had to tell my mom “wave!” when cars would stop because she couldn’t see what was going on, let alone hear!

When it came to the scene of the Easter Bunny riding the bike away, she tried, but like I said it was very hard to see and I didn’t want her to get hurt for a YouTube video so I handed the camera to my sister and became the stunt bunny – LOL.  I decided to NOT wear the bunny feet because that would have made it even harder – I’m not even sure I could have pedaled with them on – they were HUGE.  So don’t tell my doc, but yes I rode my bike for about a minute or two to get the shot I needed.   I survived!

My mom joked, “Do you think Steven Spielberg ever had to direct anything while wearing a bunny suit?”

Here’s the video we ended up with – my take on a silent film – mostly because my nephew wasn’t feeling well and it was getting hard to hear him by the last few shots, but he was a trooper and did awesome!  Watch all the way to the end (you know I like to put funny clips at the end of all my videos) for my favorite shot of the day!

Enjoy – and I hope you had a great Easter!

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