Bushkill Falls

For my birthday, I asked my parents and nephew if they wanted to go with me to check out Bushkill Falls which is considered the Niagara of Pennsylvania.  This was a bit of a drive so I knew it would be a long day, but it was worth it!

We have been having some unseasonably warm weather in PA which made perfect weather for our hike!  You do have to pay to visit the falls which are seasonal so make sure they are open before you go!  This place is usually packed, but there is plenty of parking.  After you pick a spot, walk over to the main counter, purchase a ticket, and start hiking!  There are a few trails that go around the falls, the red trail being the longest and most difficult, but all the trails intersect at various spots.  The trails are well marked and in addition to the map you are given with your tickets, there are maps along the trails with “YOU ARE HERE” stickers to show where you are.  As long as you stick to the trails, I don’t think you will have trouble figuring out where to go!

There are a LOT of steps along all of the trails, some are steep, but there are plenty of railings to hold onto.  The trails wind their way around the waterfalls and remind me a lot of Watkins Glen (another favorite place of mine!) except there are wooden steps and railings instead of stone.  Just pick a trail and start hiking – either way you go you will have amazing views!


Feel free to take your time wandering around this beautiful area!  There are also plenty of benches so you can sit and enjoy the views!

enjoying the view


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