First Annual Merry Little Bike Ride

When I saw the event on facebook for the first annual Merry Little Bike Ride – I knew I HAD to go.  The free slow ride was organized by Lititz Bikeworks and the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department – they just asked that if you rode, you donated a gift to a child in need.  A good cause where I can ride my bike and string lights all over it?!?  DONE!

About a week before the ride they emailed everyone who registered a link to a website to sign up for a gift for a child in need.  There was a mixture of practical items as well as fun presents.  I have to admit I got really teary-eyed looking at the list thinking I have been so lucky and there are children out there that don’t even have gloves, a hat or a coat.  A lot of the items were taken when I was browsing the list.  Then I saw a little girl that was asking for a journal – and since I love to write and scrapbook I thought this would be a perfect gift for me to get her.  I ended up getting her two and a set of pens.  The list of items went so fast that some people didn’t even get to sign up for one – so they added more children to the list.  Then those got snatched up as well.  It was awesome to see so many people come together and want to help out.

I ordered a few sets of battery operated lights for my bike – some that were specifically designed to wrap around the spokes of a bike and a generic set that I could wrap around the frame.  I also got a pair of red and green striped long johns to wear and an elf hat – which ended up NOT fitting on my bike helmet and I didn’t have any way to attach it at the last minute – oops!

The night of the ride it was a chilly 32* – I wore 2 shirts under my heavy sweatshirt and thermal bike tights under my festive long johns.  Add to that my fleece neck warmer, a buff for my ears, 2 pairs of socks and some gloves and I was just right as we started to cycle.

It was really cool to see all the different ways people decorated their bikes.  My favorite was a lady that was dressed as an elf and strapped presents to her bike’s rear rack.  The ride was a well planned out route that was fairly flat, very family friendly and went past various houses that were decorated.  One house even had the decorations timed to music so we stopped to enjoy that for a bit.

I have to say since getting my road bike I have SEVERELY been neglecting my hybrid.  As I was cycling along I remembered how comfortable that bike is and realized I need to start riding that bike way more.

Once we looped back around to our cars, we headed over to Lititz Bikeworks to donate the gifts and enjoy some refreshments.  There were over 70 presents placed under the tree in the bike shop before the night was over.  This is an event that I can see growing bigger and bigger every year.  It was definitely a blast – and I don’t think I’m gonna take the lights off my bike for a while.  🙂

Anyone else decorate their bikes for the holidays?  🙂

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