Christmas Lights Bike Ride 2018

 I took my nephew on the annual Christmas Lights bike ride – and man oh man was it cold.  Literally freezing.  Thankfully my dad agreed to drop us off because I still don’t have a hitch on my new car.  My nephew wanted green lights on his bike so I ordered a set for his wheels and he helped me install them.  When we arrived there were so many people with decorated bikes.  My dad looked at me and said, “Well – what are you waiting for?”  “It’s cold!!” I answered, “5 more minutes.”  I decided I was going to try to stay in the car as long as possible – It was 30* outside!

After a few more minutes of stalling, we headed out to join the group.  Once everyone was together we started down the trail.  I was warm except for my hands.  I JUST got a new pair of gloves which felt pretty thick, but as we cycled I realized they weren’t going to be warm enough.  We weren’t even 5 minutes down the trail and I couldn’t feel my fingertips.  This was an hour bike ride –  55 minutes to go and my hands are numb. 

This is me realizing how absolutely cold my hands are at the start of the ride…and NOT realizing a pic was being taken


OK…a bit over dramatic I know, but it was COLD.  It was so cold that I (the person who likes to take pictures of EVERYTHING) couldn’t imagine taking my gloves off to capture the moments.  I brought my camera, but my hands were too cold to use it.  I took one shaky, blurry picture of my nephew and I and that was it.  I noticed the owner of the bike shop was cycling around snapping pics of everyone so I knew there were a few of us.  

The lights were lovely – I love seeing how people decorate for the season.  Some classic white only, some flashy and bold – all enjoyable to watch as we cycled by in the chilly night air.  There were people waving to us from their windows and some children yelling “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” from their front door.  It seemed like they were as excited to see us cycle by as we were excited to view their lights.

I am happy to say we made it back to the start where my Dad was waiting for us in the toasty warm car – heat cranked to the max!  After a few minutes we started to thaw out – of course now I am able to feel my fingers again – and can continue blogging! WAHOO!  😀

Do you decorate your bikes for a Christmas ride?

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