Florida: Part 3

It didn’t rain on the day we went to Epcot, but it was really cold and windy – and of course if you have been following my Florida trip so far you know I was really sick.  I could barely talk this day, but there was no way I was gonna waste my vacation laying around the rental house the whole week!

Even though Epcot is probably my least favorite park, it surprises me how much fun I have when we go – it really is a cool place.  It was fairly busy, but we had a good time wandering around.  We took my nephew to meet Mickey Mouse and he LOVED that.  While we were in line waiting to meet Mickey we started chatting to a guy who worked there asking about how the Fast Pass system worked.  He was surprised we didn’t have any set up and we explained that since we bought our tickets the day before it seemed like everything good was taken.  He gave us 2 special Fast Pass tickets good for 5 people each which could be used on any ride except Frozen – AT ANY TIME.  With these special passes we could just walk right up to a ride, hand the ticket over and BOOM we were on it.  This made our day and we unanimously decided to use it for Soarin’.

The guy also told us about the app Disney has – which is AMAZING.  You can see the wait times for everything in all the parks, link up the photos that were taken of your group and various other features – we used this app A LOT from then on.  I would highly recommend getting it (it’s free!) before you head to the parks.

So after meeting Mickey and Minnie we wandered over to the World Showcase (PS Canada has an amazing fruity beer which everyone loved!).  I enjoyed a nice pizza from the Italian section.  Oh I got a picture with Alice (my FAVORITE Disney movie of all time….well that and Pirates anyway).  Alice noticed some of my hair is purple and asked me if I was turning into the Cheshire Cat – which I thought was hysterical, but since I was sick I couldn’t really reply back to her – Sorry Alice!

We enjoyed the aquarium and spotted some “hidden Mickeys” – in case you don’t know there are Mickey Mouse ears hidden virtually everywhere all over the parks and it is fun to try to find them.  I love the Nemo ride at Epcot so we got to do that and then gathered the group back up so we could use our special fast pass to ride Soarin’ – which is so excellent!  Then we went on Living with the Land – which has been there since 1982, but I don’t EVER remember even seeing it before – it was a cute boat ride that talks about plants, recycling and composting – which I am actually really into all those things.

After all that I was so exhausted and it was starting to get colder and windier.  Kevin and his parents decided to stay for the fireworks and the rest of us went back to the rental house.

Oh I learned a new song – the Hot Dog Song – heard of it?  This song literally make no sense! Actual lyrics include:  “Now we got ears, it’s time for cheers” and “We’re splitting the scene, we’re full of beans”  ?!  Holy cow I think we listened to that song 300 times because it’s my nephew favorite – well that and By The Way by the Chilli Peppers – no joke.  🙂



8 thoughts on “Florida: Part 3

  1. I’ve only been to DWorld once, and that was eleven years ago! I’d love to go back, but I always default to DLand instead. I did enjoy Epcot, but think I would enjoy it more now that I’m older.

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    • I’m not a huge Disney person, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to Disneyland in sept for my sisters bday! LOL- i haven’t been there since I was like 12 – which is *ahem* a few years ago- LOL- I’m excited to see the differences and similarities! 🙂

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  2. I actually visited Epcot in my later years and I loved the Living Land, of course. And the soaring ride. I thought it was better than Disney, shhhh. I also liked all the different restaurants for different countries.

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