Florida: Part 2

We were disappointed that the weather took a turn for the worst, but tried to not let it interfere with our trip so on New Years day we headed to the Magic Kingdom.  I felt horrible with a sore throat and cough.  When we got to the park, it was raining so we were hoping that most people would stay home – we thought wrong.

The lines were still pretty crazy and the rain didn’t stop.  Due to the cold we had to stop in some shops to buy gloves and hats – they were sold out of ponchos.  It was neat to see all the holiday decorations around the park and seeing Cinderella’s castle always gives you that warm happy feeling.  It was really cute to see my youngest nephew meeting all the characters and looking around like ‘whoa, what IS this place?!”

We wandered around, but ended up spending a lot of our time under the roof of places to eat.  We did get to go on a few rides though such as the tea cups, which although fun is NOT a good idea when you are already sick (I spent the rest of the day dizzy as well as coughing).  We also got to go on the Haunted Mansion and Pirates (one time each) before everyone decided we had enough of the rain and headed back to the rental house.  I remember being a kid and running back and forth between those 2 rides because they are my favorite.  Especially Pirates – I think last time I went about 5 years ago I rode Pirates about 8 times?  Very possibly more….  Everyone else wanted to go on roller coasters so my nephew and I just kept looping around to ride it as there was no wait!  Not this time unfortunately.

I also couldn’t help but imagine what it was going to be like running through the castle (which was closed up when we were there) in a few days as I attempted to complete the Dopey Challenge – more on that later!

I was bummed that I didn’t get to see the Beast’s castle or Rapunzel’s tower (which I didn’t even know was there until we got home).  Just means I will have to go back!  🙂

What is your favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom?


10 thoughts on “Florida: Part 2

  1. So sorry you were sick on your vacation … that’s the worst, to have a cold while on a trip. Surprised that so many people didn’t bail.

    I haven’t been to a Disney park in about 20 years. Of course, I’m in California, so the one we visit is Disneyland. I used to live 45 minutes from there, so we were there a lot when we were young. My favorite ride is probably the Matterhorn (do they still have that there anymore)?

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    • Yeah it was a bummer to be sick for sure! Looks like the Matterhorn is only in Disneyland – never at Disney World- I knew I heard of it but couldn’t recall ever seeing it – LOL! It’s been such a long time since I was at Disneyland- maybe I’ll need to make a trip there sometime!


      • Matterhorn was a fixture in Disneyland, as far as I can remember. It’s your basic fast, thrill ride, which threw you around from side to side, with the abdominal snowman. Awesome memories.

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    • Agree about the crowds!! Last time we were in Disney it was the week after spring break and it was very slow- I will know better than to go on a holiday week now! LOL! Oh I can’t wait til spring to break my kayak out now that u mentioned it! 💗

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  2. I’m not sure I could pick a favorite – but I never miss Pirates. I actually have a somewhat morbid story about the ride: the last time I was on it a few years ago, someone lost their fingers on a boat ahead of us (https://www.clickorlando.com/news/man-hurt-on-pirates-of-caribbean-ride-at-disney). It took us forever to get off of the boats once we were on them, and we couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t an attendant at the exit to help us off; when we returned later that day to ride it again, it was closed. We only saw this story later in the day.

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    • That is insane!!! I will never look at that Ride the same again! I wonder how exactly it happened- I’m an X-ray tech so I’m always curious about how and what it looked like- I’ve seen some crazy stuff over the years! We were at Busch Gardens and on Escape from Pompeii which is a really tall boat drop ride and there’s a Pompeii theme. right before the boat drops these giant pillars fall over your boat- well someone freaked out and stood up and got hit on the head by the falling pillar- we weren’t on the boat but it was a few before ours so I know the feeling of knowing something weird is happening but not quite sure what- crazy!!!

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