Weirdest Bike Ride EVER

A few weeks ago I drove to visit my family – and my new nephew who decided to surprise everyone and come early (about 2 months).  After meeting my new adventure buddy in training in the NICU, I asked my other sister and mom if they wanted to go for a bike ride.  We went to pick up their bikes and they decided to ride around the driveway a bit – because it had been awhile since they took their bikes out for a ride.  Unfortunately that’s where the ride started to go downhill.

As my mom went to get off her bike, her shoe got caught and in slow motion she went down HARD.  We all ran over to make sure she was ok and I noticed her wrist had started to swell.  “I think you broke your wrist!”  I told her.  “No no! I’m fine!” she said as she tried to walk off the fall.  Along with her swollen wrist, her knee was pretty scraped up as well.  I kept urging her to go get it checked, but she kept insisting she was fine and that we go for a bike ride.  So we loaded our bikes up and headed to the trail.

The sun was shining as we unloaded the bikes and started on our way.  I heard my mom say, “Why isn’t my bike going?”  I hopped off my bike and went to check hers – and her chain was off.  It must have happened during the fall.  I put it back on and off we went.

I kept an eye on my mom and noticed her obviously favoring her wrist – which continued to swell and bruise.  I am an X-ray tech and have seen my fair share of broken bones – and her wrist had all the classic symptoms.  I told her repeatedly that I thought it was broken and she should get it checked and every so often I’d remind her that whenever she wanted to turn around we could.

Eventually she agreed and we turned around.  On the way back to the car my nephew decided to try to stretch his legs out while in his seat that sits on the back of my sisters bike.  In doing that he ended up putting his feet on my sisters bum and PUSHED causing her to go flying forward off her bike seat – while in motion.  Luckily she was able to put her feet down in time before the bike tipped over, but it gave everyone a good scare – especially my sister.  After we recovered from that incident we continued down the trail – and a giant bird flew out of the trees, swooped down and attacked my sisters head.  (SIDE NOTE:  she is extremely afraid of birds.)  So after a shriek and some hand waving the bird flew off.

For the rest of the ride we were all a bit paranoid about what was going to happen next, but we managed to make it back to the car safe and sound.  By then my mom decided that maybe she should get her wrist checked out so I drove her to get some x-rays.  Broken wrist – just like I thought!

They wrapped it because it was too swollen to put a cast on.  After about a week the swelling had gone down enough to get a cast.

Now my moms cast is off and my nephew is out of the NICU and everyone is doing well.

I got to hold my nephew for the first time at a cookout we had for the 4th of July.  Now if you know me I have a rule that I DO NOT hold babies until they are strong enough to hold their heads up on their own – if freaks me out that they are so delicate when they are first born.  Anyway, my sister handed him to me because she went to go do something so I didn’t have much of a choice.  I sat there stiffly trying to make sure he was comfortable when he started throwing up.  I looked down at him while trying to say “He’s throwing -” and I was cut off by a blob of projectile vomit that landed directly in my mouth.


So welcome to the world little man – please don’t ever do that again!  🙂



6 thoughts on “Weirdest Bike Ride EVER

    • yes – my mom hasn’t been able to ride, but my sister just bought a new bike! She was using one of my old ones! I’m so excited to see how she likes her new one!! 🙂 So hopefully many bike rides are in the future!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am glad your mom is okay. My mom also recently fractured her wrist. good they are on the mend! Your cute little nephew is never going to live that down – did you knick name him vomit? or TU? Ha ha ha. Always an adventure!

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