Happy 4th of July!

I noticed a group was putting together an early morning group ride on the 4th, so Kevin and I decorated our bikes and cycled over to the start to join in.  The ride was going to be about a 6 mile out and back, but so many people showed up that they added the option to keep going making it 10 miles.  Despite the extreme heat I think everyone opted to do 10 miles.  Kevin and I cycled from home which added about another 7ish miles to the trip.  We ended up being the only ones having flags on our bikes which sort of surprised me, but I didn’t care – I was just happy to see so many people out for a ride!

my Yankee Doodle Dandy bike..LOL

I have to say recently people have been organizing more and more group bike rides in my area – and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!  There have been monthly slow rolls and now recently a group added weekly rides every Thursday…and even more recently that group added a weekly women’s bike ride every Wednesday night!  This is so exciting to me because it shows people WANT to get out and ride in my area – and all 3 of these rides I can cycle to from my house to join in instead of driving to another county!  I really hope these rides continue because it gives me hope that the area I live will some day (dare I say it) become more and more bike friendly.  I have seen an awful lot of people lately cycling around – and I don’t think it’s just because the weather has been nicer.  🙂

stuck a flag on my bike and called it macaroni…doesn’t have the same ring to it…

Hope you had a great 4th of July!  Have you seen any bike friendly improvements in your area recently?

9 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Happy 4th (10th) of July! Ha ha. I can’t say I’ve seen improvements in my area for bikes but both towns I live in, are small and everyone walks or bikes vs driving. The FL town where I reside has a lot of gulf carts and of course, I want one but I’m afraid it will cut down on my bike or walking time. But maybe my walking and bike time would also become more deliberate. What a great country! And good for you for decorating with the flag!

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  2. We have made some great friends from our local bike riding groups. I like the way you decorate your bike for different occasions too 😎

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  3. Love the patriotic decorations!! I need to get out and bike more, but my city of Salisbury, Maryland, does have slow rolls, more competitive bike groups and in the winter, added Spin — a dockless bikeshare system. So I feel like things are looking good for biking around here, even though I’m a little lenient to ride on busier roads.

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    • I agree – it is scary riding busy roads – and there are a lot of drivers that dont know the rules (or dont care because it’s inconvenient to try to pass a cyclist safely). That’s so exciting though about all the bike activities going on it your area! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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      • thanks! It is so scary how some people just HATE cyclists – I got in a very upsetting debate with someone who is a friend that just went on FB and totally trashed people cycling on the roads – and then reading the comments people were writing under her post was horrifying. I tried to explain that cyclists have every legal right to be on the road – take a breath and pass them when it’s safe. It was really scary that someone I KNOW gets that upset about it….but all I can do is try to educate and hope that people will learn to be a little patient. :/


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