Mount Magazine: Signal Hill – Arkansas State High Point

Dad and I arrived at Mount Magazine late in the afternoon.  We were tired from driving so we decided to stay at the lodge there.  It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  It reminded me of the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, but more modern.  After we checked in we decided we may as well hike to the highpoint to save us time in the morning because we had another long day of driving.

There was a trailhead right across from the lodge, but looking at a map we saw another one that was a bit shorter which started at the campground nearby.  We decided to drive around the loop to see if there was parking to start there.

Mount Magazine Signal Hill
Where we started the trail

There was very limited parking near the sign for the campground turn off.  I wouldn’t rely on finding a spot there if it was busy because it looked like MAYBE 2 cars would fit there.  There was no one around when we were there so we had no problem.

We crossed the street and began the hiking trail.  I was a little surprised at the incline for this trail – not Black Mesa Oklahoma steep by any means, but it was a gradual, steady uphill for about half a mile or so until we reached the summit.  Of course the bugs were out in full force and we kept walking face first into spiderwebs the whole way – YUCK.

The top had a mailbox with a log to sign that you were there, a sign stating you were at the summit – and stones arranged in the shape of Arkansas.  Essentially you are at the highpoint looking at a map of the state made of stones with the highpoint marked by a USGS marker.  It was really neat!

Even though you can make a loop of this hike we decided to hike back the way we came making it about a mile round trip (we wouldn’t have to worry about ruining any more spiders homes this way).  We drove back to the lodge just in time to take in the sunset and eat at the restaurant before turning in for the night.

This is another very easy highpoint to add to your list!  🙂


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